BAZ Underground Updates XXXIII

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November is just about halfway through, and so far, we at Blessed Altar Zine believe things have been going smoothly. Perhaps too smoothly. But fear not! What ever may be ahead of us we will tackle it together, and as always our writers Julia Katrin and Tom Boatman are back with a new Underground Update, letting you know what glory you can bask in, in the form of upcoming events and fabulous merchandise that are as always being offered to us on a silver platter.

So, let’s see what’s out there…

Band: Dark Tranquillity

If you have been following the Swedish Dark Tranquillity you should be up to speed on the fact that their new album Moment is up for release this coming Friday, November 20th, and in celebration the group plans a live stream on Saturday November 21st from the beautiful Stora Teatern in their home city Gothenburg. The stream will include a full performance of the new album in its entirety, and the group assures us that even if few of the tracks have already been heard, there is still plenty of music to be unveiled so it’s clear to say that this is a metal moment none of us should miss and all you need to do is secure your ticket here and make sure to also check out the merchandise that the page offers and keep in mind the time schedule so you don’t miss a single thing!

Band: Battle Beast

As we mentioned last week, Tuska Open Air Metal Festival hasn’t let the pandemic slow them down and have instead converted their open-air festival into an online series, and this weekend episode two will take place. This time we got the Finnish heavy power metal group Battle Beast on the menu this coming Friday 20th of November, and rumor has it that a scene like this is as epic as it gets! To secure a ticket to the stream you can visit this page and keep in mind that the ticket includes viewing rights for 48 hours after the premiere as well as ticket holders will be provided with a promotion code that entitles to a discount on Utopia Collection items you can find here.

Band: Bloodsoaked Necrovoid

If you’re feeling in the mood for some full-throttle, in-your-face death/doom metal, with an old school feel and a vibe of impending doom, then you ought to head over to Germany’s Iron Bonehead Productions, who have just released the debut album by Bloodsoaked Necrovoid, the mysteriously and ghoulishly titled “Expelled Into the Unknown Depths of the Unfathomable”. There’s vinyl, CDs and the usual digital copies to be had at the label’s shop and bandcamp page, and a taster below:

Band: Profane Order

Now if that’s not extreme enough for you, perhaps what you need is a dose of death metal/ grindcore of the nastiest variety. Originally released in October last year “Slave Morality” by Profane Order are sold out from most suppliers on the original vinyl pressing. Now the label is making a second vinyl pressing due for release on December 15th. Limited to 250 copies on red vinyl, you can pick up a copy here. For EU customers you can click here to go to Cargo Records where they still have copies of the original black vinyl.

Band: Dillinger Escape Plan

Plenty of you will be familiar with the now defunct controlled madness of Dillinger Escape Plan. For fans of the band’s particular blend of wild metal psychosis, Seasons of Mist have just announced a limited vinyl reissue of the band’s 2010 album “Option Paralysis”. Available in turquoise and oxblood, copies are selling fast, but you should be in time to snap one up from the label’s bandcamp page if you don’t dilly dally. Now you can pickle your brain with this sample below:

Band: Engulfed

Finally we turn to the never less than brutally extreme Me Saco Un Ojo Records from the UK, who have announced the release on December 7th of a new mini-album “Vengeance of the Fallen” by Turkish band Engulfed, bringing you an intense slab of 90s inspired Death Metal. There’s a couple of different vinyl versions to be had and you can see what’s on offer at the label’s bandcamp page. Now give your ears the battering they deserve with this preview track below:

Not only are there plenty of events ahead for the week and absolutely fantastic merchandise offers out there we should all take advantage of, but we would also like to remind you, that these days many groups and artists are releasing some great work which we at the Zine have tried our best to review for the past weeks, and we would like to take this opportunity also to remind you to keep an eye out for great work that will undoubtedly catch your interest and keep your spirit up. Until next time!

By Julia Katrin and Tom Boatman

**Please support the underground! It’s vital to the future of our genre.**

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