BAZ Underground Updates XXVIV

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Lo and behold! The Underground Update number 29 rolls around and as always before our writers Julia Katrin and Tom Boatman are still alive and kicking, ready to bring you news of upcoming streams, live shows, and fantastic merchandise up for grabs! After all, even if there is a pandemic, that is no excuse to sit bored at home looking like a slob, right?

So, let’s see what’s out there…

Band: Undeath

This coming Friday, October 23rd, Undeath plans to bring us not only a brand spanking new release Lesion of a Different Kind, but on top of that the group intends to celebrate the release with a live streamed show, brought to us from Songbyrd in Washington DC. Taking place on the music house´s Twitch channel, the band will be performing the entire new album front to back as well as coming together to perform for the first time as the group´s brand new five-man lineup. So make sure to free up some time at 8PM EST and get your tickets here. Last but not least, we would like to point out that the group has a brand new green/purple split vinyl variant on their bandcamp page right now, and let us tell you that they are nothing less but fabulous so make sure to be quick to get yours!

Band: Obituary

Having performed magnificently last weekend, Obituary is now preparing for their second live stream show straight from Tampa, taking place next Saturday, October 24th, where Cause of Death will be in the stoplight in its entirety at 5PM EST. As before you can get your tickets here as well as check out the various bundles for all three shows and exclusive merch. For further information you can also visit the event´s Facebook page.

Band: Trivium

If you have been keeping up with Trivium lately you might be aware of their free live stream series The Deepest Cuts Vol. II from the band´s rehearsal room. Streaming on Matt Heafy´s Twitch channel, this Saturday, October 24th, will broadcast the second and final installment at 12pm LA/ 3pm NY/ 8pm UK/ 9pm EU. Like they word it themselves, if you ever wanted to be a fly on the wall in Trivium´s rehearsal room this is your chance to witness a unique set and for free. Does it get any better?

Band: Conjureth

Fucking Kill Records know how to dangle a tantalising slice of new, Extreme Metal in limited vinyl. On this occasion the band is Conjureth coming right for your throat with some powerful Death Metal in the form of two demos “Foul Formations / Levitation Manifest”, packaged together in limited (100 each) hand-numbered black or white/red vinyl. Yes, the release date is not till December 3rd, but the test pressings were already snapped up, so don’t hang about if you want to snag yourself a copy. Go here to check the offers and click below for a sample.

Band: Greenwitch

Perhaps you’re looking for some really brutal Death Metal of an old school flavour? Well, if so Horror Pain Gore Death Productions have just the thing to whet your whistle with “CosmoSteelBlood Trinity” by California’s Greenwitch. Set for release on November 20th, there’s a limited CD run of 100 alongside some pleasantly gruesome t-shirts that could be yours. Step over to bandcamp and turn the volume up and blast this sample below.

Band: Aphonic Threnody

Here in Europe the nights are getting longer, the days (and nights) are getting colder and autumn will all too soon be creeping into winter. What better time then to get into the morose spirit with some bleak Atmospheric Death/ Doom Metal? Well ladies and gents, Transcending Obscurity Records have got you covered with “The Great Hatred” the latest album by Aphonic Threnody. You can feast on various special CD sets and related merch here and wallow in a sample of funeral doom gloom below.

Band: Infera Bruo

Finally, if some Progressive Black Metal is what you’re after, Boston Massachusetts’ Infera Bruo have just released their latest album “Rites of the Nameless” on Prosthetic Records. There’s a tasty limited vinyl edition you can purchase here alongside other versions and listen to a sample of the band’s dark and ominous sounds below.

So many activities, so much merchandise. Even after 29 weeks there isn’t a sign of any groups slowing down or labels falling behind and we wholeheartedly believe that everyone out there has managed to pull together and provided the needed support for those who suffered great losses during the year. So don’t feel guilty for splurging a little on yourself, because you know it’s all going to a good cause. Besides, it’s fun!

By Julia Katrin and Tom Boatman

**Please support the underground! It’s vital to the future of our genre.**

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