BAZ Underground Updates XXV

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What, what? It’s Tuesday already? Well bloody hell! We suppose it is once again time for our new Underground Update, brought to you by our very own Julia Katrin and Tom Boatman. As you may have learned by now, these two never fail to deliver and are once again ready to bring you the latest information of great merchandise offers and live shows coming up this week to keep you occupied, and fabulous.

So, let’s see what’s out there…

Event: Virtual Quest Fest 2020

This Saturday comes Virtual Quest Fest 2020 straight, and FREE to your living room! Scheduled for this event are some bands who were due to be a part of the festival lineup this year, and joining them are as well some bands from previous years such as Memories of Old, Fury,and Rites To Ruin.
The event is planned to be hosted by Power Metal Quest Fest team at CapsaArx Studios and if you happen to have been at the festival before, they are urging you to send them photos of you there and if you have a photo of yourself wearing their merch, that is even better!
During this livestream show, you can also head over to a paypal donation site set up to support struggling artists in these times and all profits will be split equally between the bands that are involved. For further information, lineup so far and time schedules, head over to the Facebook event page!

Band: Lamb of God

Last week we had a word of the first live stream show Lamb of God planned to hold, and so they did on the 18th of September, where their new album Lamb of God was in the spotlight. However, now it is time for the second show, set to be held this coming Friday, September 25th where the landmark album Ashes of the Wake will be honored. Just like before, the show will be streamed from an intimate club in the band’s hometown of Richmond, Virginia. Tickets are available here as well as merch bundles, but keep in mind that if you did not get a ticket for the show last week, then you have to pay full price for the show this week.
Pre-show will start an hour before the set, and this time will feature an opening set from the band Whitechapel.

Band: King Parrot

Coming out of Melbourne, Australia (also the birthplace of such important figures as…one Tom Boatman!) King Parrot deliver a blistering combination of grind and thrash, with delightfully deranged vocals, on their forthcoming 7” EP “Holed Up In The Lair”. Recorded in Philip H. Anselmo’s studio (a definite stamp of quality), What’s not to love about this release? It’s time to go back over the band’s past releases and eagerly await their next full-length release. In the meantime check out the limited 7” vinyl and merch bundles here, and listen to some great extreme metal below:

Band: Gatecreeper

For a more chugging, but no less extreme, dose of metal Gatecreeper build on 80s, Floridian death metal, and the 90s Swedish strain to produce their own disgusting, gruesome concoction. “Deserted” originally released last year, has just been given a new vinyl treatment. Check out the neon purple and gold vinyl edition and related merch here and enjoy a sample below:

Band: Trova de Lid

For a change of pace, Naturmacht Productions have just released an excellently atmospheric piece of dungeon synth in the form of “Elemental” by Trova de Lid. The strictly limited transparent blue cassette is right on the cusp of being sold out. If you’re too late there’s always a digital option. Check out what’s available here, and while you’re at it browse through some of the other releases from this great label. Here’s a taster below:

Band: Cidesphere

Onto another excellent underground metal label, this time Hamburg, Germany’s Testimony Records, the newly announced “Dawn of the New Epoch” by Cidesphere has been lined up for a November release. Melodic extreme metal coming out of Turkey we say? Yes we do. The release date is a while away, but why waste time in pre-ordering a shiny, limited edition vinyl pressings? You can find those, plus CD and digital here. And take a listen to the band below:

Band: Skelethal

Finally we travel to France for the latest release by Skelethal “Unveiling the Threshold” due for release through Hells Headbangers on November 20th. Brace yourself for more pummelling death metal. There’s a bunch of cool editions of the album you can get your hands on. All versions available here, including limited vinyl, CD and cassette. French death metal you ask? Why yes indeed. Check it out below, fans of churning, malevolent death metal should not be disappointed.

Well, another week, another seven days packed with indoor activities. September is almost behind us and October around the corner. After all, that’s how time and the year works. But instead of just sitting around and waiting for this terrible year to be over you can partake in the upcoming live streams, shows, festivals and fabulous merchandise and vinyl, to support our dear and beloved artists, as well as to keep you company.

By Julia Katrin and Tom Boatman