Dunwich – Tail-Tied Hearts

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Band: Dunwich
Album: Tail​-​Tied Hearts
Label: Caligari Records
Release date: 04 September 2020
Country: Russia
Format reviewed: High Quality Digital Recording

Today, I introduce the three-member band, Dunwich, hailing from Russia. They are Margarita Dunwich, vocals, Anton Bronikov, guitarist/organist, and Mikhail Markelov, drummer. This band is very unique in their approach to progressive metal, doom metal, darkwave, and also black metal. All of the tracks in this album touch on these influences as well as post-punk in their individual expression. I love the combination of sound and dark aesthetic created by this band in their debut album.

The first track, “Glow” takes your breath away, with the vocals in the intro, clear and melodic. The organ and guitar build beautiful drama to accompany. “Through the Dense Woods” follows, vocals are spoken melodic then, they change to a blackened delivery. The range is very captivating, with the guitar, keyboards, and drums expanding and filling. The song finishes in an organ sound, made me think of Count Dracula in a brooding mood. “Solitude” comes next, deeply lyrical to I alone introspection. The question of what does life means to an individual, why are we here, plays out in the atmospheric instrumentation. Margarita’s vocals darken to a witch-like calling whisper near the end of the track.

“Wooden Heart”, lyrics dive into the suffering of a human heart, and it’s capacity to recover with a wise outlook afterwards. A warning to live but to also be watchful. The atmosphere achieved in this track is multi layered, going too deep thoughtfulness. More skillfully played organ at the conclusion with fading keyboards. “Mouth of Darkness” begins with an organ, to a punk-inspired guitar riff. Vocals are blackened and clean, picking up the energies of the guitar riffs, and drums that relentlessly continue with the mood of this track. “Fall” is atmospheric. This track has more of a doom metal inspiration, in the slower pacing of it. These vocals are a powerhouse in it, what Margarita achieves with her voice. “Sanctuary” is next, the instruments of guitar and drum are well delivered in the short intro. The guitar riff is powerful, doesn’t let up, keyboards, and vocals are also on par, both darkened. Lyrics of one segment, “My dreams are poisoned”, immense. Who hasn’t felt that at some point. Finally, “The Sea” as you might think regarding the title, the beginning of this is the sound of surf breaking. Doomy, with deep, slow riffs, keyboards, and the range of vocals all combine to create a place to escape, what better place than the sea.

This being their debut album, is impressive. It’s original and refreshing, touching on the themes of life we all live, but many times don’t have the words for. I give 7/10. Metal Marie



7/10: Victory is Possible!
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