IN ROTATION: Our most played albums in August 2020

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August… What can I say? It’s gone? Yes, that is true. It was a good month? Well, I will let you decide that. I had my music, my books and still have a job due to this world situation. So, let me stop with this crap talk and let you know what I heard more during this past month. Hope you enjoy it.

Hargne – Réaction
Those Opposed Records – 2018

Originally released by the band in 2017 was released in CD and LP (Seedstock Records) in 2018. I have both editions that I get it directly from the band. The band plays Black Metal with some Punk and Electronic influences. Very good to be honest. Hope the band releases something new soon.

Chainsaw – Hill of Crosses
Vulkan Records – 2019

I already said here a few times that I’m a big fan of the Hellenic Metal Scene, especially the Black Metal scene. Well. Chainsaw is not only Black Metal, but a very good and well done mix of Black thrash Metal. Check them. They deserve.

Delirium X Tremens – Belo Dunum, Echoes from the Past
Punishment 18 Records – 2014

I only knew this band when this album was released and since then, I can only say one thing. Very good. The Death Metal played by them is amazing, very well played, very good riffs, very good songs. This album is almost a masterpiece. Check them.

Motörhead – March Ör Die
Epic – 1992

Many metalheads say that they love Motörhead. But how many mention this album? Hmmm? How many? Almost none. Yes, that is true. Is a very good damn good album and almost none mention it. The shame of you. Lemmy is the true god. Long live Rock’N’Roll.

Dead World – The Machine
Nuclear Blast – 1993

Do you remember when Nuclear Blast was giving the first steps and only had a few years of life, releasing a lot of damn good music? I do. In that time I got this CD (well, I don’t have it anymore cause one fckg bastard went to Germany at the end of the 90’s and took it) and was not the typical Nuclear Blast release. It was a mix of of Industrial with Death Metal. That time was almost a crime doing that in the metal scene, but I did enjoy the album. And still do (now, digitally).

The Key Keeper

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