IN ROTATION: Our most played albums in August 2020

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For August I can say my ears were very satisfied with the new releases and the older classics of metal. I ended up listening for hours to albums, to try and get a sense of each nuance and difference of the tracks. Gave me even more appreciation for how much these bands work to create their magic.

Imperium Dekadenz – When We Are Forgotten
Napalm Records – 2019

AStarting with Imperium Dekadenz, 2019 album “When We Are Forgotten”. This black metal was so mind and soul stuff for me. I drifted in between each track of that album, blown away with the genius of the arranging, the riffs, atmosphere, vocals, drums, all of it. Favorite track was “My Solace II, Paths of Perception”, that!

Wolfheart – Constellation of the Black Light
Napalm Records – 201

Next, WolfHeart, 2018 album “Constellation of the Black Light”. I’d not checked them much before, but once I took time to listen, I knew I had found more black metal to love. The track “Everlasting Fall” was immensely rich and layered for me.

Grima – Sounds of the Playground Fading
Naturmacht Productions – 201

Always hyped for Grima, and in August I had a listen to their albums, and really enjoyed 2017’s “Tales of the Enchanted Woods”.  I needed a quiet breather, escaping to that place in my mind, and this album did that. The track “Wolfberry” is exceedingly beautiful and atmospheric.

Ellende – Lebensnehmer
Art of Propaganda – 2019

Ellende, I adored from first hearing.  First hearing was on this very site. I have listened to all of albums, and find that each one has something different to offer.  Thank you Blessed Altar Zine for bringing this awesome band out of the unknown. For this quick mention, I pick the 2019 album “Lebensnehmer”, track, “Ein Stuck Verweiflung”.

Paysage d’Hiver – Im Wald
Kunsthall Produktionen – 2020

Finally, Paysage d’Hiver‘s 2020 album “Im Wald”. I found the wind blowing that was part of some of the tracks lended that cold, desolate atmosphere. I find that I love music that hits that feeling. That bleakness. Choosing the track “Schneeglitzern” for its tinny sounding, forlorn, haunting intro. It got me!

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