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As no surprise to anyone a new week has come filled with activities, opportunities and possibilities…. oh we can´t even say that with a straight face! Inevitably a new week has rolled around and as always before Julia Katrin and Tom Boatman are ready with a brand new article of the Underground Updates, here to give you ideas and pointers of how to spend your time as you keep social distance in high standards, working online, or even staying at home in quarantine.

So let’s see what’s out there….

Band: Northlane

Australian metalcore group Northlane surely plans to bring us a treat this week! On the coming August 21st and 22nd they will hold 8x pay per view stream events of the group´s Live at the Roundhouse. The group emphasizes the fact that this will be our only chance to watch this show in its entirety so we want to emphasize it as well how important it is then to go click here to secure your tickets which are only $10 per stream. For further information and time schedules you can of course head over to the group´s Facebook page. We would also like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that this year, Northlane did release the deluxe edition of their newest full length album Alien which contained the bonus track Enemy of the Night as well as instrumental version of all songs and while the limited edition neon pink LP is sold out, the neon yellow version (although without instrumentals) is still very much available.

Band: Death Courier

Back in June of this year Transcending Obscurity Records gave us the latest release by Greek death metal veterans Death Courier. Just announced, “Necrotic Verses” is now available in several special, super-super limited edition vinyl box sets, brimming with all kinds of goodies. See what’s on offer here and listen to a sample below.

Band: Ryloth

Hamburg’s Ryloth are an intriguing blend of intense elements, hardcore, atmospheric, post-metal, screaming (I refuse to acknowledge “Screamo” is a legit genre). Altogether it’s an extremely abrasive and unusual sound. The band have been busy during the pandemic and on August 11th Moment of Collapse Records will release their “Avant-Cour” album. You can check out the vinyl and digital options here and have a listen to the band’s unique sound below:

Band: Mörk Gryning

Ready for some Swedish black metal? After a 15 year absence Mörk Gryning return on October 23rd with their new album “Hinsides Vrede”. This would seem about the right time for furious melodic black metal invoking the coming of an apocalypse. There’s an abundance of merch available from the band’s bandcamp page here. Vinyl is selling out fast, so don’t dawdle. Check out a sample below:

Band: Goblinsmoker

Originally released on cassette and digital back in 2018 Sludgelord Records have just announced to very limited vinyl editions of “Toad King” the original taste of Goblinsmoker and their extremely dirty, grimey brand of sludge metal. Get your pre-order here before they all sell out and get some sludge going through your speakers (so pungent you’ll have fungus spawning your walls in no time) with the sample track below:

Fundraiser: For The Nomads

Finally we would like to remind you all of a fundraiser that by now should have become familiar to all of you. For the Nomads, created by Frank Fanelli, continues their work to raise money for the people behind the scenes to bring us the concerts and shows we have enjoyed so much throughout time. Touring crew members around the world have lost their jobs due to the pandemic and with the options of having shows online in the form of live streams, we must not forget the fact that once we are allowed back out there again, these workers are essential to the shows we rush to see. The fundraiser has managed to raise quite the amount of money in their work and we would like to applaud them specially. In order to show your support we encourage you to head over to the donation site and on top of that you can also head over to the fundraiser´s Facebook page, share their latest post or post a picture of yourself at a concert in any capacity and tag the fundraiser to spread even further awareness to the cause.  

With the second wave of the pandemic upon us, it is more important than ever to use our brains and continue to wash our hands and use sanitizers, and while staying at home working online or spending time in quarantine you are most likely aware of all the online activities available to you in order to pass the time more quickly. And don’t forget that most postal offices do deliver all the way to your door.

By Julia Katrin and Tom Boatman

**Please support the underground! It’s vital to the future of our genre.**

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