Meslamtaea – Geketend in de schaduw van het leven

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Band: Meslamtaea
Title: Geketend in de schaduw van het leven
Label: Babylon Doom Cult Records
Release Date: 04 September 2020
Country: Netherlands
Format Reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording

In the past, I mention Meslamtaea here on BAZ and wrote a few words about the 2019 album named “Niets en niemendal”. Well… They didn’t change at all or they did? The unorthodox Black Metal still here and I could say that is already a trademark from this Dutch band.

Thinking a bit and if no one notices, the majority of the Dutch Black Metal bands and the ones that I know they have their own style, like a Dutch Black Metal style. The rawness and the unorthodox way, the artwork used on the covers, etc (even if Meslamtaea is a bit different in this case). Of course that at the same time they are not copy+paste bands… That is a positive thing in my opinion.

But at the same time, I had the sensation that, this album is not so unorthodox Black Metal like the previous one (or it is? You will listen to the album and let me know) and I found many riffs or passages that are more related with the “traditional” Black Metal. Can I say that is a mix of both or just coincidence? Or just my sensation? Yes, it was only that…

Well, even if I had that sensation, yes, I did and I think that is the correct to say. I can also say that this album is a very good one. I don’t advise it to a traditional trve kvlt Black Metal fan, that is true, but I can say that you will lose a very good album. Anyway…

The album is divided in 7 songs with almost 41min of good unorthodox Black Metal. The way that Meslamtaea “see” and/or “feel” Black Metal is different and you will find it especially on the song “Illusie” (The biggest one in the album), Saxophone, a kind of speech, some noise/experimental feeling there (I loved the mix, to be honest).

“Geketend in de schaduw van het leven” is the first album released through the Belgian label Babylon Doom Cult Records and you need to check it, as I did. It was so good the time I spent listening to this album and I will add it to my private collection asap. 7.5/10 The Key Keeper 666



7.5/10 Victory is possible
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