Catalysis – Connection Lost

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Band: Catalysis
Title: Connection Lost
Label: Independent
Release date: 24 July 2020
Country: Scotland
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording

For today I decided to check this band from Scotland and what they play? Well, the first impression is a Death Thrash Metal more related to the melodic part, mixed with plenty of groove, not to say a lot. Yap. That’s it. For my personal taste the Death Thrash metal mix is the best part of the band’s sound but the groove part is not bad at all.

From what I found about the band, they already released 2 EP’s, one in 2017 named “Into The Unknown” and “Catalysis” from 2019.

Divided in 12 songs this album has the almost 47min of playing time and can be interesting sometimes and also a bit of… It’s a… Ok song.
The band knows to play, it’s an album well played, very good sound production but sometimes they lack and that song that grabs you by the balls (no offense (real) ladies, is just an expression) is not there.

I really liked the mix they do, yes groove included, but it seams that is missing something. I also loved, the acoustic parts and the changes of tempo or rhythm in the songs. The vocals, the clean, the strong one, the mix of both, but like I said, looks that is missing something.

For example, the song “City of the Dead” looks a lot of Machine Head (not complaining). The song is good but is missing aggressiveness. Another example, the song “Sentinel”, even if it has plenty of groove and melody is more aggressive, the riffs on it, the voice, very good but didn’t make me the “click”. A final example, The song “Tomb For the Torn” or “Devils in the Panic Room”, it has aggressiveness even if it has plenty of tempo changes and groove on the song but, once again is missing something.

It’s a up and down all over the album in my opinion. Not because of lack of quality, no, not that, but it looks that sometimes the band wants to focus in just in one style and not exploring more the mix of the above music styles and trying to find a more balanced mix.

Besides all that, I think the band as potential, and this album is not bad at all. And… When the new album is out, I would love to listen to it. Just check them and after that, if you want, let us trade some opinions about it. 7/10 The Key Keeper


7/10: Victory is Possible!
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