Baz Underground Updates XV

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Welcome one and all to BAZ Underground Updates XV. It’s another week and once again our writers Julia Katrin and Tom Boatman have been sniffing out exciting underground metal events, releases, and offers of the interweb like diligent truffle hogs (ok that analogy got away from me a little bit).

Let’s see what’s out there…

With more and more good news around the world about lifted restrictions and hopefully imminent vaccines, less and less bands are announcing live streams. But fear not; even if the live stream scenery might be shrinking, there are still some things planned so no one needs to stay at home and be bored.

As already known, Suicide Silence has an ongoing worldwide virtual tour and we promised that we would continue to remind you for as long as the tour lasts, which happens to be the entire month! This week it is time for Dallas (today), Sidney, Orlando and Edmonton (tomorrow), Des Moines (Friday the 17th), Bangalore, Columbus and Albuquerque (Saturday the 18th) and finally Montreal and Denver (Monday the 20th)! Now once again remember that included in the ticket is 15% discount at the merch store as well as exclusive tour merchandise, 90 minute multi-camera live stream, fully-integrated chatroom with an opportunity to request songs and much much more so make sure to grab your ticket already and check their show out in your area.

Label: Black Lion Records

We’ve mentioned more than once already on BAZ UU, but Black Lion Records are again offering a special discount this time for the whole of July. Go to the label’s bandcamp or bigcartel page, pick out what you’d like to order and enter the code july25 for a 25% discount. As well as being the home of excellent recent releases by underground metal bands like Nemesium, Kvaen and Marrowfields, they do a lot of very cool special editions and clothing, so do check them out and what you want to pick up with the special offer.

Band: Hell

Damn, I’ve been coveting the 2017, self-titled sludge/doom monster from HELL for quite some time and now it comes to pass that Sentient Ruin Laboratories are putting out a very limited vinyl run (100 red; 400 black). The red already seem to be sold out on the Sentient Ruin website. I don’t expect these will be available long. Unfortunately I can’t find any European distribution, so if you aren’t in North America brace yourself for the brutal shipping costs (check bandcamp page here). I’m sorely tempted.

Band: Carnation

Due for release on September the 18th, “Where Death Lies” by Belgium’s CARNATION clearly has a buzz around it as coloured and black vinyl editions are selling like hotcakes (see all available versions here). Fans of brutal death metal with an ear to MORBID ANGEL and Scandinavian death metal of the 90s should find this to be a very tasty treat.

Band: Tallah

From Earache Records, Pennsylvania’s TALLAH will release “Matriphagy” (it means the act of babies eating their mothers, if you were curious), which would seem to be some punchy, angsty metal with a bit of the ghoulishness of KORN about it. Available in limited splatter vinyl as well as standard, and CD, digital (the usual business – check it all out here). If the preview tracks are anything to go by this will be some wholesomely misanthropic, toe-tapping “fun”.

Band: Rebel Wizard

Just out last week on Prosthetic Records, Australia’s Rebel Wizard have delivered an intriguing blend of metal styles with “Magickal Mystical Indifference”. Is it thrash? Is it black metal? Is it just heavy metal? I don’t know, but they seem to have carved out their own style and a pretty cool one it is too. Check out the limited vinyl pressings here and listen to the track below.

Band: Moribund Mantras

With a vinyl pressing just announced that looks as grand and imposing as the music on it, Moribund Mantras will release “Golden Void” at the end of this month on Naturmacht Productions. If you like your black metal with a healthy dose of doom for a gigantic dark sound, you’ll want to check this out. Very dark, very heavy and very good.

From time to time in the UU series we have mentioned the Nomad fundraiser, created by Frank Fanelli to support tour crew members and workers who make shows possible for us to see. So far the fundraiser has been a great success, and now For the Nomads has launched a few silent auctions, with donated merch and other items from artists around the world. On July 10th round three started with items from artists such as Hatebreed, Obituary and Avenged Sevenfold, and we believe that this is a chance no one can miss! So here is what you do; head over to the fundraiser´s webpage, check the items at the auction and bid on whatever tickles your fancy! It doesn’t get much easier than that, does it? And if nothing appeals to you, there is always the option of making a simple donation to support those who really need it in these times.

As the second half of the summer strikes, things are starting to look up. The year is more than halfway through and we believe we can all be happy about that. But before we know it Christmas and New Year will be waving at us as it passes by, and do you want to face a new and a better year in an old washed out shirt or with a scratched jumpy vinyl? With the offers and special prizes out there right now, we know we wouldn’t.

By Julia Katrin and Tom Boatman

**Please support the underground! It’s vital to the future of our genre.**

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