Baz Underground Updates XI

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Welcome once again to your weekly installment for BAZ Underground Updates with Julia Katrin and Tom Boatman, scouring the online world to find the best underground metal entertainment, releases and promotions that we can. This week we have some exciting events to talk about and some releases to tickle your metal fancy.

Let’s see what’s out there…

Have you ever wanted to go to a metal festival and the tickets are only as much as you want to pay? Well, this coming Sunday the 21st of June Tohuwabohu Festival is set to happen with Samael, Cellar Darling, Illumishade and Kassogtha. Offering Switzerland´s finest, this is a stream-only worldwide full show and you have the chance to pay what you want. It doesn’t get much better than that now does it?
Now, keep in mind that even if this is a great offer we should all take advantage of, that there is also the option of supporting the artists and crew with a donation both here and here as well as some pretty darn good looking merch are available here with free worldwide shipping on everything! 
Read more about the event on the festival´s Facebook page including all the links you need, instructions and time schedule.

Due to previous great success with live streaming a show, the Norwegian Kvelertak are as we speak preparing for their upcoming second live stream this coming Saturday June 20th titled Live From Amper Tone Studio, as the group has booked Amper Tone Studio in Oslo for the occasion. According to the members, Setlist of Fortune will be spun and as well some hidden gems might be among them in the form of old classics that the band rarely or even never play live. A proper Q&A is also scheduled and it is rumoured that the group will take a couple of requests, and last but absolutely not least everyone who buys a ticket will go into a pot with the possibility of winning some pretty amazing prizes! Believe us, you will want to head over to Kvelertak´s webpage to check out the prizes and of course all additional information about the event, as well as the ticket are available here.

Band: The Atlas Moth

If you aren’t familiar with Chicago’s The Atlas Moth and you’ve got a taste for some bruisingly heavy, but equally melodic and proggy doom/ sludge metal then you should definitely check out “Coma Noir”the band’s 2018 album now being re-issued in various limited vinyl editions. Copies are selling fast, but there are still some available on bandcamp, plus the usual CD and digital options.

Band: Schammasch

Another band that deserves to be more widely known, Switzerland’s Schammasch are another band blending together various elements of extreme metal into their own unique style. Originally released in November 2019, the band’s “Hearts of No Light” is a great piece of melodic, atmospheric progressive/doom metal. Reining it in a bit from their 2016 album “Triangle” which featured a triple vinyl edition, you can get your hands on a newly released double vinyl version of this release, as well as CD and if you’re fast enough a limited red vinyl version here.

Band: Werewolves

If somehow none of this is quite heavy enough for you, don’t worry because Australia’s Werewolves are at hand to provide an absolutely vicious metal pummeling. Originally released just back in April, the band’s “The Dead Are Screaming” is a relentless extreme metal battery. Describing themselves as ‘brutal blackened death-grind’, think if Napalm Death were locked in a dark basement and fed black metal before being unleashed into the sunlight and you’ll have the right kind of jumping off point. Prosthetic Records have just released a suitably gruesome looking clear/ flame limited edition vinyl. You can pick up a copy here and check out the track below.

Band: Slugdge

Originally only available digitally, “Born of Slime” the 2013 debut release by the UK’s weird and wonderful death metallers Slugdge, has finally been given the vinyl treatment by Willowtip who have been diligently making all the band’s albums available in vinyl form. Check out the cool designs here as well as other Slugdge merch.

As summer progresses further it might start to hit all of us harder that the shows and festivals we were all going to head out to see are in fact cancelled, and therefore it is important to be aware of all the extra hard work and offerings artists and crews are putting on themselves in order to make it all up to us. So buy that shirt, get the ticket, or make that donation, whatever little we can all do helps them greatly and will allow them to continue their work, and allow us to receive the metal fix we all need!

By Julia Katrin and Tom Boatman

**Please support the underground! It’s vital to the future of our genre.

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