Ulcerate – Stare Into Death And Be Still

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Band: Ulcerate
Title: Stare Into Death And Be Still
Label: Debemur Morti Productions
Release date: 24 April 2020
Country: New Zealand
Format: Digital Promo

Ulcerate is a 3 piece from Auckland, New Zealand who specializes in the most intense and visceral death metal you will probably hear in your musical experience.
“Stare Into Death And Be Still” at 58 minutes run time is a nuclear meltdown of an album of combusting moments and cathartic voices bellowing, guitars tearing, and blast beats berating your eardrums into submission!
All encapsulating and invoking the sense of the primal and savage elements of us all.

On the outside when I say this record is “moving” people would assume tears or anger but no it moved my spirit and brain, I took my imagination and being into a place I don’t recognize or understand, beyond catharsis, enjoyment or entertainment.

This album like previous Ulcerate albums stimulated my being and emotions BUT this album had something different to the previous sonic head cracks, it felt to me at least deeply sorrowful but enraged and invoked emotions out of me I wasn’t aware I had which speak volumes of the times we are in.

There is no doubt about these musician’s ability, vision, and execution of what they produce its unmistakably standout to anything I have heard, the experiences you have when listening to this record can only be of cathartic wonderment and excitement. Average run times of the tracks are about 7-minute mark and they cram about 3 songs worth of riffs and musicianship in each and it doesn’t sound like a complete mess due to the execution, precision, and talent the lads have.

Overview: Visceral, harsh, and moving. Ulcerate managed to contain their sound but innovate it at the same time, truly astounding piece of music. 9.5/10 Kieran


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10/10 : Immortal Classic
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