Inexorum – Moonlit Navigation

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Band: Inexorum
Title: Moonlit Navigation
Label: Gilead Media
Release date: 26 June 2020
Country: USA
Format: High-Quality Digital Recording

This time I have the pleasure of reviewing a band that I like since its first album. Inexorum‘s debut came in 2018 with an excellent album titled Lore of the Lakes. An album that participated in our first Random Earworms and where part of the BAZ team had the opportunity to listen and comment on it. You can read the article at this link.

And one day a few weeks ago, reading around on the internet I came across the news that they will release a new record in June. I started to get the promo and to review the album for all of you dear BAZ readers.

So here we go… 

First of all, I want to introduce you to the band. They are a duo from the convulsed city of Minneapolis and their members are Carl Skildum on vocals, guitars, keys, midi, and acoustic drums and Matthew Kirkwold on bass, clean vocals, keys. I must say that I am delighted with the sound that these musicians bring to the scene. 

What Inexorum produces is simply wonderful. Their melodic black / death metal is of great manufacture and everyone who considers themselves good metal lovers should listen to it. It is one of those mandatory bands that should not be missed. I think they go further and manage to expand the borders of the subgenre so as not to be pigeonholed as much. 

His proposal is modern and with great production. This band has a lot to offer!

“Moonlit Navigation” is their second album and will be released on June 26th. It will have 8 songs and a total running time of 42 minutes.

Every single piece on this album contains a fantastic collection of melodic riffs that transport the listener and excellent drum work the drums are superb and of course the vocal quality that Carl achieves. His style is perfect for the band. The guitar solos achieve a great transition in the songs, they do not abound but when they appear they are a delight. This work feels very organic, each element can be appreciated since the production and mixing work is of the best possible quality. 

I appreciate the sound of the guitar in this band. How they handle the mix is ​​great and makes each part stand out. In my repeated listening to this album, I have enjoyed it more and more. The emotions are present, the melancholic and embracing feeling arise but so does the power of the drum attacks that are extremely technical but with soul and spirit.

No bad song here. We start with the energy of the “Ouroboric State” that gives the start and the guideline of what will come next. 

“Moonlit Navigation” has a smooth start with the guitar intro and a melody that gives way to drums in rhythm. It’s one of my favorites on this album. The journey continues with “Dream and Memory” where the drums shine and hammer without stopping. It’s formidable. The sound of the cymbals contributes a lot throughout the entire album. Next track “Chains of Loss” follows with a beautiful melodic base that supports the entire structure of the song. Another one of my favorites. Another strong piece of this work that delivers nothing but the quality is “Signal Fire”. The ferocity of the vowels is present and is felt strong. 

Excellent. The main dish for my personal opinion is delivered by “The Breaking Point” that also has the vocal participation of Sarah Roddy. A trip to another world.

The album brings a small acoustic instrumental piece of almost two minutes that is a delight, “Wild Magic”. Precious!

The closer `In Desperate Times` It is another formidable song that also has vocal participation this time by Mr. Tanner Anderson in a great way. A perfect closure for an album that will be at the top this year for sure.

“Moonlit Navigation” continues the line of its predecessor “Lore of the Lakes” but I consider the band has done a brilliant work again composing music of the highest quality.

What Inexorum achieves is to catch and captivate the ear and the mind. I think they will be an important name in the metal scene of these times and hopefully, we will have more and more of this band in the coming years. 10/10 Jammerfal

Till the next review, Ale.

Check them out and give them your support.



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