Random Earworms I – Inexorum “Lore of the Lakes”

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Random Earworms is a new article that we are preparing for you.
One album is chosen by one of the members and the rest of the team gives is own opinion.

You will find different opinions about it and equal too. So let’s see what will happen here… Enjoy it and enjoy your Sunday too.


Band: Inexorum
Title: Lore of the Lakes
Label: Gilead Media
Release date: 27 July 2018
Country: USA




We are always supporting underground metal and we do not doubt that we are doing a great job spreading the word of UG in our environment. New year, new ideas and the first Random Earworms (you were very appropriate with the name, Goth Mark), article came to light. It´s simple but here at BAZ, we love the new ideas to share with all of you… our readers. And this is the RE mechanism: each month one of us choose an album and the staff writes some lines about it. And I was chosen to pick the first album for the article, so here are my thoughts about “Lore of the Lakes”. read more

Debut album from the USA based melodic death/black band ´Inexorum´ with 5 excellent songs, stunning quality recording, amazing sound. It´s melodic, well crafted and I found a set of emotions and sensations listening to this short but excellent album. It shows well worked from all points of view even the cover is consistent with the work in its entirety. Applause Carl Skildum for this great job, a job with a clear and outstanding idea.
A beautiful album that you must give an opportunity. I enjoyed this record a lot.

The Key Keeper

Working here is a very good thing, first because I do what I love even if I’m not a real journalist and I will never be, but I try to write it and show to people what I love and listen to. And, I’m always knowing new bands. That is so good. This is one of the cases. My good mate Jammerfal chose this band and… Well… It was totally unknown this band for me. Never heard about them, but… We can’t know everything… read more

So let me start to talk about this band and this release, the only release till now. What do I have here? Good music to start. This album is divided into 5 songs and all of them quite good, to be honest. The band is moving inside the melodic Black Death Metal. Good riffs, very melodic and catchy too. The voice is more related to the Melodic Death Metal and the music is a mix of Black Death Metal.

Very good sound quality, very well balanced. This album is really good. Thank you Jammerfal for the tip but at the same time, I have to say it, didn’t grab me by the balls, so I got the sensation that is something missing even as I said, is a good album.

Proua Metalist

Inexorum are completely new to me, so for this piece I have decided to refrain from doing any preliminary research and offer an untainted first impression of their “Lore of the Lakes” album. read more

“Lore of the Lakes” is a deep and evocative album full of sweeping melodies that are countered by galvanic rhythms. I would describe the overall style as melodic metal with both black and death elements. The composition as well as the musicianship are truly astounding, with relentless drumming, brisk tremolo picking, stirring melodies and a solid vocal. At times the album feels very personal and emotive with delicate and alluring moments that truly demonstrate the elegance that can be found within the black and death metal sub-genres. The stand out tracks for me were the raw and brutal “To Omega” and the rich, diverse and complex “Lore of the Lakes”.

Inexorum managed to utterly captivate me throughout my first play-through of “Lore of the Lakes” and I believe that they are a unique and skilful band worthy of further investigation. I confess that I will be returning to the album immediately after this review is written.


So, “Lore of the Lakes” by a band called INEXORUM, never heard of the release or the band, but something tells me I’m going to be subjected to some Black Metal. Oh joy… read more

… and so it was. Unlike many of the writers at BAZ, I am not a Black Metal fan. I’ll dabble here and there, but generally, I just haven’t found a way-in to enjoy the trebbly guitar, the neverending, charging drums and the total lack of swing. Fenriz speaks so eloquently, that I feel pretty sure I’m missing out, but, hey, whatcha gonna do? Some interesting eerie vocals midway through the second track “Let the Pain Be Your Guide”, followed by a change in rhythm was the first point I found something to really interest me. By the next track “Years In Exile” I was hearing glimpses of rhythmic variations beyond what, to my untrained ears, is just standard Black Metal riffing, but after that I was honestly just waiting for the record to end. On the album closing title track I noticed something being called “frigid”, presumably the lake, and I wondered “Is there any Black Metal band in the world, ever, which hasn’t used the word “frigid” in a song?” Let me know. This record did nothing for me. I didn’t hate it, but nothing moved me either. It’s a big, fat “meh” from me.

Metal Yeti

Inexorum put a smirk on my face from the first moment of melodic madness to the next. Lore of the Lakes has a wicked blackened element which provides a cold and furious dynamic to the tones. “Years of Exile” and… read more

…the title track “Lore of the Lakes” were my favourite of the bunch; both full of stand out riffing, quick shredding, and a constant wall of percussion at its back. All in all these guys are solid as hell and will check many boxes for melodic and extreme metal fans throughout the pit!


It appears as if the normal way we do things at the Zine has shifted. In order to cover the largest area we are capable of each week, it is custom to divide and conquer. But this time we have all been given the instructions of taking on the same album and I anticipate the outcome will be interesting to say the least. read more

The USA based Inexorum is the first in line for this new project, and the 2018 debut album Lore of the Lakes. Now I must admit, I often attempt to figure out what I am in for based on the name of the album rather more so than the name of the band, and I assumed I was in for somewhat of a story telling melodic musical project. I guess the word “lore” was what gave me that idea, as well as “lake”.
Anyway, the full length album contained only five tracks but nevertheless maintained a playtime of almost 32 minutes. I was close on the melodic part, it’s actually quite blackened melodic metal and I was blown away from the very beginning of Ragin Hearts. Although I was unable to really hear the lyrics, I did read online the ideas and thoughts that Carl Skildum had while writing the songs, and that surely added to the feeling of listening to a story. I always enjoy that; melo is my genre and storytelling is right up my alley, so no wonder I was excited about this.
The entire album feels extremely tight with the speedy drumming and blazing riffs. It weaves into it a feeling of hope and perhaps despair, instead of the more common evil feeling that so often follows black metal. Weaving the melodies into the genre has always been a very delicate thing to do in order for it to work in my opinion, but here it works. There is a quality throughout the album that I believe melo fans as well as pure black metalists will be able to appreciate.


A new Sunday feature! The Key Keeper came with the idea in our weekly reunion, more of a summoning cause we are all in different countries and continents. The Oujia boards and Ravens work pretty well I must say. read more

Anyway, I’m supposed to write a few lines about this album that Ale @jammerfal picked for us. INEXORUM it is, and knowing Ale’s choices in music I wasn’t surprised. I hear Black Metal or maybe Atmospheric black metal riffs that put a cold smile on my face. These riffs are really good. The kind that draw me into Black Metal a few years back. But, not all is cold smiles (good) and being honest when the voice came up I wasn’t thrill. This must be some Black Death or Death Black I don’t know. Voice is Death metal while guitars sound like black but drums are more brutal. So Death wins in this mix. Sorry if I seem confused but that’s what this album left me with, a bit of confusion. It’s not bad by any stretch, but it didn’t hit any of those nerves that will keep me interested in this band. A bit of a miss for me. Liked the riffs, not the rest.

Truly Yours,
Blessed Altar Zine Team

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