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Stream ‘Something In The Water,’ by League of Corruption

Guitarist Brian Langley Discusses Doom-Groove Metal Debut in Bonus Audio Interview

By Justin Smulison

The League of Corruption’s official debut release was a long time coming. The League has been an on-again, off-again presence in the Vancouver, British Columbia underground for several years. But they’ve established some stability and a notable following, particularly following their live performances. And while they can’t play for a live, in-person audience due to social distancing, they can finally offer something to pacify fans until touring resumes.

Their official debut, “Something In The Water“, will be released tomorrow via Black Doomba Records. The songs have evolved through the years in the way of demos and lineup changes, but Water’s six tracks mark an unapologetic mesh of doom and U.S.-southern groove metal.

Blessed Altar Zine recently spoke with LOC guitarist Brian Langley about the fun and difficulties surrounding the album’s recording and release. We are thrilled that Langley rejoins BAZ to introduce the album and sit in for an exclusive audio interview with contributor Justin Smulison, which you can play here [MixCloud]. 

And for those of you who want to get right to the music, click below to stream Something In The Water, which will be released on June 12, 2020.

League of Corruption are:
Chris Barlow – Vocals and guitar
Brian Langley – Guitar and back up vocals
Drewski – Bass and back up vocals
Paul Trounce – Drums

“Something In The Water” Tracklist
1. Save the Church
2. Leave Me Be
3. Not Your Friend
4. Something in the Water
5. Want Me Gone
6. Where’s Your Savior Now



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