Warlust – Unearthing Shattered Philosophies

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Band: Warlust
Title: Unearthing Shattered Philosophies
Label: Dying Victims Productions
Release date: 24 April 2020
Country: Germany
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording

It feels as if every week these things start out with some witty text about how the week´s pick came to be and whatnot, but at this moment I don’t think I really have an idea of how to begin this. Not because of the band or the music or anything, but because these days all seem to run into one and I’m in a hurry to get everything done before summer arrives. For most people its spring time, but for me it’s the end of the school year and all the hoopla that comes with it.

Anyway, thrash was on the music menu this week, and not only thrash, but German thrash.

On the 24th last month, Warlust released Unearthing Shattered Philosophies. I understand it’s their second full length album, and I was intrigued by the name. Unearthing Shattered Philosophies…it just rolls off of your tongue, doesn’t it?

After the opener Death Created Time and the slow plucked guitar within, The Burning Eyes of Satan rolls around melodic and menacing. There is an old school vibe to it but it sounds like the drummer struggles a bit through the pattern. Wolvewhore is in the same menacing vein, and the formula here is the same used to create typical old school blackened metal…when thrash turned into black there is, and Jeff Hanneman would be proud of these solos.

A very welcoming change comes in the form of In the Shadow of the Alchemyst, as it moves into the direction of heavy and head bangy rather than full blast and eventual acoustic guitar even makes an appearance. This track brought forth a proof that this band is not just a one trick pony.

Pretty much all old school black metal bands serve as influencers here with emphasis on tasty and intense. The humanized feel of I Spit on Your Grave is undeniable, as there is no correction in sight when it comes to tempos, hiccups and whatnot. It’s pure, and its badass. 

Two and a half minute of different riffs and changing parts goes on before the vocals come in on the last track, To Fall Apart, and the song sort of glues itself together with them. It is the same way as the group has done on most tracks on here; however, I believe I will label this one as my favorite.

Overall I do like what I hear here, however, a little more work could have been put into the production. The guitar and drums are sort of like two children that do as they please until the vocals come around that serve as a parent figure, and for the fans of old school thrash turned black this is a great album. 7/10 Julia Katrin


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7/10: Victory is Possible!
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