Cemetery Filth – Dominion

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Band: Cemetery Filth
Title: Dominion
Label: Unspeakable Axe
Release date: 13 April 2020
Country: USA
Format reviewed: Digital Promo

Death Metal is like a damn good filthy wine that just keeps getting better with age! CEMETERY FILTH are a group of metalheads from Atlanta, Georgia who take pride in absolutely eviscerating everything in their path. They are back with their first full length release “Dominion” after an initial EP in 2014 and a few splits in between. Continuing the recent trend of old school revival, the growls are deep and the riffs are thick, morbid, and full of vile defining crushing power! If you love knuckle dragging death metal, you’ll most definitely love some CEMETERY FILTH!

There are some absolutely crushing tracks on “Dominion”! The album starts very strong and keeps the throttle on the entire listen aside from a few essential chuggy portions and a very offbeat transition track before the final song. Songs like “Subductions’‘, “Paralytic Scourge”, “Devoured by Dread”, and title track “Dominion” deliver the goods with razor sharp riffing and some wild drumming. Adding to the carnal pleasure is the slew of gnarly guitar solos and wild moments on the bass to compliment. Songs like “Exhumed Visions”, “Festering Vacuity”, “Churning of the Shallows”, and “Devoured by Dread” had some of my favourite bass licks of the bunch. My favourite track out of the lot though was “Festering Vacuity”; the opening is catchy as hell and I am a sucker for using nasty bass fills as transitions. Instant classic.

CEMETERY FILTH are a great modern old school death metal band that should not be passed up. While they aren’t as wild in their overall structure as some of the other newer bands like Fetid or Cerebral Rot, they channel a lot of the same unpredictable energy while harnessing the same traditional old school death metal spirit as the main driver. “Dominion” absolutely rips and is full of killer moments in the madness. Add these guys to the pile of kick ass underground death metal bands that deserve your support and make sure to blast them loud! 8.5/10 Metal Yeti


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8.5/10 To Greatness and Glory
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