Embodiment – Palingenesis

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Band: Embodiment
Title: Palingenesis
Label: Independent
Release date: 24 April 2020
Country: UK
Format reviewed: Digital Promo

EMBODIMENT are a death metal band from Bristol, Uk and have been around for a few years now and always seem to be lurking in the underground, their brutal edge and heavy ass riffs always blow people heads off but they never seem to ‘breakthrough’……until now.

“Palingenesis” is their “look at what i did mom” record for sure, it reaches the dizzy heights of their peers with raw talent and creative vision and most importantly, BRUTALITY,

Be it the instrumentation, programming or vocals the production sounds polished but not over produced, raw but refined and i think the words ‘deliberately crafted’ suit it, This shows throughout the record with continuously impressive song writing and riffs that will stick with you and make you bang your head wilfully hard.

Tied in all the brutality and riffs are melodies and atmospheres that give the album some serious depth, variety and edge with harmonies and epic scaling solos and Keys reminding me of Dimmu Borgir and Fleshgod Apocalypse in places they create a scene for the music to thrive and engage the listener.

The interludes through the album make the main tracks stand out and give breathing room for when the chaotic intensity commences once again without being jarring or feeling forced and has a effective payout that feels satisfying.

The albums flow is remarkable and effective, starts off HARD with a mix of all the elements on first track Reverence Through Disgust that the listener can expect all of these goodies shown from the rest of the record as it progresses, my ONLY criticism(HOW DARE I?) is this album feels like it peaks too early on the first half, but don’t get me wrong the rest of the record is still great and has some fantastic tracks like Satisfaction In Extermination but the first half just stood out more to me due to such unique tracks that had some serious chops like Tyrant and Outbreak.

Overview: EMBODIMENT have smashed through the floor of their band neighbors Mr and Mrs Peers and have taken them prisoners, this album will see them rising and conquering cities and countries in matter of months. Do not overlook this album. 9/10 Kieran


9/10 : Epic Storm!
**Please support the underground! It’s vital to the future of our genre.**

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