Lonescar Exclusive Stream

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Blessed Altar Zine always supports the underground and today we are happy to host LONESCAR for an exclusive stream! With two EP’s under their belt already, the time has come for the world to get a full dose of what they are capable of with their debut record “Lust For The End”. Hailing from the Rio Grande Valley in Texas, these metalheads naturally spew a heavy relentless thrashy groove that bites like a rattlesnake and hits like a bullet to the chest. These guys have a wicked modern metal sound that reminds me of aspects of bands like ALL SHALL PERISH, LAMB OF GOD, and THY ART IS MURDER; but with an undertone of thrash similar to Slayer and Sodom. LONESCAR are heavy as hell and definitely have something to say, check this out!

Things start off with “Gluttonous to the Core”, “Undead Assembly”, and “Means To An End”, which features some wild bass licks and razor quick shredding to set the pace. LONESCAR pull from a wide variety of influences which shows with the use of heavy groove with the vicious thrashing percussions while also taking time to emphasize the point with heavy breakdowns and some excellent solo work at the same time. Something about screaming “We’re all gonna die!!” before going full throttle just calls for moshpit carnage!!

“Lust For The End” really hits is stride with “Life is Suffering”, “Revolution Now”, and “Self-led” as the vocals and killer instrumentals questions the stability of a nation and speaks to the revolutionary fire that has been sparked in so many these days. They offer a moment of solace with a soft acoustic and bass section in “Self-Led” before a blistering solo rips you back into reality.

LONESCAR do not pull any punches with this one and are straight to the point with songs like “All is Vanity” a reflection on our social state of laziness, zombification, and distraction. They are not afraid to mix up their sound, with “For Eny Sake” shaking things up with some hardcore elements in the choppy drumming, and songs like “With Your Martyr Self” and “Images from Mauthausen” cranking things up with gnarly death metal aspects instead. “Lust For and End” ends the album by takes things in a completely new direction, starting up with an oddly toned building section before resuming the riffpocalypse.

LONESCAR bring a lot to the table and every bit is ready to destroy you! This album has some awesome standout guitar work amongst the battering. Mike Perez and Mike Gonzalez on guitar and bass were relentlessly on point and JC Hernandez on drums keeps things interesting throughout the listen. “Revolution Now” and “All is Vanity” lead the charge in presenting the overall theme of the album with lead singer Brian Valdibia really driving home a message of much needed reflection. The production on “Lust For The End” is huge for an independent release and it’s full of wicked instrumental and deadly undertones. Crank this one up loud and get ready for the revolution!! Metal Yeti

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