BAZ Friday XXXVII – Underground Reco For Underground Maniacs

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Well… The last #BAZFriday of the year.

This time I decided to do something different. Instead of giving you a few recos, I decided to write just about one band and about the single released a few days ago.

If you are following BAZ the band is not strange to you. We already made two interviews (here (2018) and here (2019)), one exclusive stream (here) and one review (here).

The chosen band is KALMO.

What we have here?

A doom metal song dedicated to Christmas. Yes. Named “Hell awaits ye rotten servants”. It’s a version of a typical and traditional Christmas song. Eheheh

Very good version to be honest. The Doom cadence is there and KALMO did it so well. Congratulations.

Check it. You must.

Official Website

**Please support the underground! It’s vital to the future of our genre.

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