Event Horizon December 2019

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So we come to the final Event Horizon for the year! It’s been a blast bringing you the Upcoming Terrors. I hope you have enjoyed it. I hope you’ve found something of interest. I also pray you are still financially stable! As we plough through the Best of 2019 lists at this point, December releases can often get ignored. Still, December 6th and 13th in particular are loaded up with more new releases. If you still have some cash left for Xmas presents then you could do worse than lay your hard earned on the following three sections for the month of December!

REVEL IN FLESH – The Hour of the Avenger
RELEASED: December 6th
STYLE: Old School Death Metal
LABEL: War Anthem Records
LINK: Bandcamp

Named after the classic Entombed track (Left Hand Path, 1990), German Old school Death Metallers Revel in Flesh return with their 5th album on their newly signed label War Anthem Records. ‘The Hour of the Avenger’ sounds massive – mixed and mastered at Unisound Studios by mastermind Dan Swanö – the whole thing, from the superb cover art, Haubersson’s scathing vocals to the ‘heart on the sleeve’ Euro-style Death Metal sound, just screams epic! Add a tad more melody throughout the compositional base along with a ferocious intensity and this album easily sits in the upper echelon of the best of 2019 Death Metal albums.

HELLKNIFE – Dusk of Doom
RELEASED: December 13th
STYLE: Crust/D-Beat/Punk/Black/Thrash
LABEL: Wooaaargh
LINK: Bandcamp

If the name is unfamiliar, then December 13th will rectify this situation. From Mannheim, Germany HELLKNIFE has been around since 2015. They play a frightfully energetic style of crust punk/d-beat paired with different influences from death/black/thrash metal and hardcore. The result is magnificent. So scathing, it will actually destroy your furniture WITHOUT your help! Dusk of Doom is the band’s debut full length after an EP in 2015 and a split release with Tacheless in 2017. Highly recommended.

VERTHEBRAL – Abysmal Decay
RELEASED: December 27th
STYLE: Death Metal
LABEL: Transcending Obscurity
LINK: Bandcamp

The South Americans just know how to deliver hey? Brazil, Columbia, Chile, Argentina, Venezuela – they’ve all got serious Metal issues! Paraguay is no different and once you wrap your ears around Alto Paraná locals VERTHEBRAL, you’ll realize just how potent this continent is in delivering seriously bone-jarring Death Metal! Killer production laced with some soulful lead work and crushing vocals courtesy of frontman/bassist Christian Rojas – this band does a hell of a lot right! Adorned with a stunning piece of artwork and neatly packaged up via their home label in Transcending Obscurity, “Abysmal Death” arrives just 4 days before the end of the decade. A tad late for Album of the year status, but nonetheless worthy of marking on your calendar.

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