Aggressive Perfector – Havoc at the Midnight Hour

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Band: Aggressive Perfector
Title: Havoc at the Midnight hour
Label: Dying Victims Productions
Release date: 22 November 2019
Country: England
Format reviewed: Digital Promo

After yet another hectic week, I decided even if it was Sunday there was no reason to slow down and take it easy. Thrashy speed metal was on the menu and I was hyped and ready to go!

The coming November 22 marks the release date of AGRESSIVE PERFECTOR‘s debut album “Havoc at the Midnight Hour”, and even if this wasn’t written at midnight, let me tell you, there was havoc.

The trio released a demo in 2016 titled “Satan´s Heavy Metal”, and it sounded like they have been taking their time to carefully create something they think was worth sending out there as their first attempt of a full length album, let us see how well they did shall we?

After a few seconds of the opening track “Onward to the Cemetery” filled with church organ and some crows in the distance, in comes a familiar sound from the past when metal was more rock oriented. Just the right type of guitar tone and killing riffs, pounding drums and vocals spot on with a punky Paul Di´anno meets Cronos feel to it. On some occasions it is on the brink of trash although it doesn’t seem like it manages to get there, but never the less I was impressed with the opener. The following “Chains of Black Wrath” is in no way lesser than the opener, bringing forth a tasteful track filled with double bass, falsetto screams and Mercyful Fate riffage. Having heard the tracks before or not, you are compelled to sing along and it’s easy to predict the vocals as it goes, it’s a simple yet working formula that escaped the over polished work; clean and yet dirty, and clocking in just under four minutes “Turbo Evil” is the perfect length for this sort of metal.

“Land of no Return” marks the middle of the album. The sound of the good old days is a nice homage to that glorious era of rock and metal, as well as it stuck out in a way that it felt like a refresher for the ears making them ready to hear the rest.

I believe this trio has done their homework on classic rock and metal; “Vengeful One” has that classic intro-shriek made famous by Slayer and Tom Araya, the falsetto-to-shouting that opens up Angel of Death, the straight forwardness and the true classic formula. With “Devils Bastard” rolling around I knew there was really nothing more I could say. But then again, by now I knew what to expect and I personally do not need more convincing that AGRESSIVE PERFECTOR are just what the name interprets. The more laid back track of “Seven Gates” closes the album and I just know that every fan of old school metal is in for a treat with this one.

It may not be a masterpiece, but the trio does a great job of pretending to be one. 7.5/10 Julia


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7.5/10 Victory is Possible!
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