Goat Terror “World, Sacrificed to Satan” track premiere

2 min read

I think all people experienced, at some point in their lives, an intense feeling of hatred towards mankind, and I believe metalheads keep this flame of loathing shining brighter than others. There will be situations when that simple flame becomes a raging fire, ready to devour everything in your path and Goat Terror are willing to provide you with the soundtrack you need when you wish to go berserk.

Today, Blessed Altar Zine is happy to present you the premiere of the track “World, Sacrificed to Satan” from Goat Terror’s EP, “Unholy March”. It might be just three minutes long, but it provides everything you should expect from an unstoppable war metal machine: guttural vocals bellowing from the depths of Hell, a cavernous production that fits just perfectly, a deep bass and thundering double kick drums, and powerful guitars. There’s no trace of melody, no nod at harmony, no progressive elements and no mercy to be found here. Just pure, unadulterated evil and bloodlust. Though I believe the official band description is more accurate than I could ever hope to be: “skull-clobbering and devil-worshipping Neanderthals with no consideration for any fucking living thing”. Sounds pretty much on spot if you ask me. Also, kudos for the cover not going for the standard war metal colour scheme, with the black background, red logo and white illustration and turning that stereotype on its head. 

So enjoy getting your brain turned to mush with the stream down bellow and don’t forget to grab a copy of the EP here (7” vinyl) or here (tape).  The full EP will be out November 15th.