BAZ Friday XXVIII – Underground Reco For Underground Maniacs

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La la la la la la la la la… Yes, I’m happy… It’s Friday. Lol

The weekend is near… Okay, just two days but I really need these two days. This week was a mess, stressful, always running, but I had my metal and…

But let us talk about music.
I got some promos directly from the bands and PR, some not so recent but they deserve a listen and a chance, so I decided to put them here…

Band: Encryptment
Title: Mangel Från Söderort
Label: Independent
Release date: 10 May 2019
Country: Sweden
Format reviewed: Digital Promo

It’s the first release from this band and what a release. If you into the Death Metal with crust touches. This is for you. Very good indeed. Strong riffs, strong vocals and sang in Swedish, Strong songs. Very good. Sadly (in the good meaning) the release only has 3 songs. I want more. Listen to them.


Band: Brotthogg
Title: Echoes of the Past
Label: Independent
Release date: 02 August 2019
Country: Norway
Format reviewed: Digital Promo

The first album and the second release from this young band from the cold lands of Norway. Good surprise. I’m not very into the Progressive style cause does not catch me so much, to be honest, but this album? Yes, it did. It’s very good, very well structured, very good riffs, good vocals (two vocalists to be honest). It’s a mix of progressive with Melodic Death Metal and to fast Death Metal. Very good, the changes are very well achieved. Congratulations.


Band: Oath
Title: Legion
Label: Burning Coffin Records
Release date: 04 June 2019
Country: Scotland
Format reviewed: Digital Promo

Originally released in 2018, the Ep “Legion” was now released via Burning Coffin Records in tape format past June. Yes… Heavy Metal is not my beach, I do not like it, and is very hard for me to like it or appreciate it. But I give a chance. I always give, or at least I try. With OATH was no different and… I like it. Traditional Heavy Metal and a very catchy one. Support the band, well… The one-man-band.


Band: King Of None
Title: Weightless Waters
Label: Independent
Release date: May 2019 (On the promo sheet didn’t mention the day)
Country: Finland
Format reviewed: Digital Promo

Good release of southern psychedelic rock and some stoner riffs too. Very good. Energic, electric, contagious. A good surprise. I loved this release since the first music, since the first rhythm. The songs are very good, very well structured. Very good. You should check it. You really should.


Don’t forget to support the bands.

Till next #BAZFriday
Stay metal.

The Key Keeper

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