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Sunday… The last day of the week or the first? Well depends on where you are and your costumes…
In my country is the last day of the week and the day of rest…
Well to someones… LOL

Hope you enjoy my list… I tried to chose just the latest and only Thrash Metal releases. Bit only Thrash Thrash… I couldn’t… Is Thrash Metal dead?
So there are bands from Black Thrash, Thrash Speed, Thrash Crossover, Death Thrash…

Enjoy it and give the congratulations to Jammerfal for the new “Feature Image”.

Asura – The Demo Recordings
Very good Blackened Death Thrash Metal.


Overruled – Hybris
If you are into the Thrash Speed Metal. This band is amazing. Very good.


Enforced – At The Walls
Uh la la. This is very good. Powerfull and energetic crossover. Check them…

Horrid Apparition – Evil Reigns
Good Thrash Metal sound. Sadly for one thing… Only two songs in this release.

Bloodlust – Leather, Steel & Hell
Old style Thrash Metal. Arghhhhh.


Worst Behavior – No Escape
A good crossover is always good to start the day or end it.

White Mantis – Sacrifice Your Future
Can you guess where they are just listening to music? I did. Thrash Metal till the bones. Yeahhhhh!!!!!!


Till next time…
The Key Keeper
(In the name of all)


**Please support the underground! It’s vital to the future of our genre


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