Deceitome – Flux of Ruin

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Band: Deceitome
Title: Flux of Ruin (EP)
Label: Redefining Darkness Records / Raw Skull Recordz
Release date: 02 August 2019
Country: Estonia
Format: Digital Promo

Direct, strong, consistent. 5 tracks and 17:34 minutes of Death Metal. Classic style, no ornaments here. These guys are doing a great job. In this EP, the new vocalist Anders Meltz reaches another level of brutality in his delivery. You can clearly see a change of direction in vocal style, not so energetic but darker and deeper than their previous work.

DECEITOME brings us a dose of technical prowess with a renewed DM energy. The sound is modern and aggressive but no so ferocious as I expected. All the elements are well worked, and connect very well with each other. Drum work is exquisite. Powerful guitars with frantic riffs in some passages and slow tempo in most of the album, with a doom flavor that makes it even better.

With very good sound production, the album manages to maintain a line during the 5 songs. There are no large detours on the highway, you will not notice large differences between the pieces but there is a break in “Miasthmatic Breed”, with a good intro that quickly gives step to the voices and the development of what becomes the darkest song of the EP. Without abrupt changes and without surprises the EP ends in a sigh, leaving the listener a bit thirsty waiting for more.

Personally, I think this band has so much more to give us and the power to create more amazing music. It is difficult when you start and you have sudden and important changes from the beginning. Many times, this creates instability. But a band with character and personality can make the best of it and create music that transcends borders and times.

Influences are a driving force. To fly, you have to use your own wings, and those; have to be earned. 7/10 Jammerfal


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