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Coming from Texas USA, OVERT ENEMY brings relentless thrash metal. After releasing their debut EP “Inception” (including a spot in horror flick The Blood Tapes) in 2018, the quartet is back now with “Possession”. The five-track EP , resulting into 23 minutes, will be officially out on 9th of August and will include another lethal dose of thrash metal.

“Possession” is the opener of this EP and it is violent, aggressive and it features heavy riffage. The video of the track is already available at band’s YouTube page, so go and check it out. “Pray for Death” and “Blood God” are heavy and include massive riffing again in a seemingly calmer atmosphere. However there are deep waters under, and a beast is watching.  “In The End We Died” should be mentioned with its energy. To finishes the EP the band has chosen to perform a cover of the almighty SLAYER“At Dawn They Sleep”.

Today Blessed Altar Zine brings you exclusively the lyric video exactly of “At Dawn They Sleep” cover version track. Enjoy and look forward to OVERT ENEMY’s “Possession” EP, out at the beginning of August, coming straight at your face!

Leo Ortiz – Guitar/Lead Vocal
Jaime Ayala – Drums
 Laura “Slayerella” Ortiz 
Rob Hahn – Guitar/Vocals

1. Possession
2. Pray for Death
3. Blood God
4. In The End We Died
5. At Dawn They Sleep (Slayer cover)

By Count Vlad


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