Concilivm – The Veiled Enigma EP

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Band: Concilivm
Title: The Veiled Enigma EP
Country: Chile
Label: Dawning Septic Productions
Release date: 31 May 2019
Format reviewed: Digital Promo

Chile’s CONCILIVM was founded in 2017 by A, on guitars and bass and Ω on guitars, drums and vocals. On 18 January 2018, the band released their first effort – an EP called “The Veiled Enigma” via Canadian label Von Frost Records. Originally recorded between the 8th and 9th fool moon of 2017, the EP had been issued in 2018 on limited edition cassette stack, only 100 copies. Now Dawning Septic Productions brings us the re-release of this intensive record on a CD in 200 copies.

CONCILIVM just gives us the best of the cold South American wave of death metal. Yes – cold, morbid, raw, brutal, and in the same time so enjoyable, with that small taste of nostalgia for the early classic death metal albums released in the end of the 80’s and the very beginning of the 90’s. “The Veiled Enigma” represents just this – twenty-five uncompromising minutes of relentless death metal. One may spot the American death metal roots, other the Scandinavian (mostly), and someone – even the British DM influences. Parallels can be made even with some other recent bands, which carve upon all the mentioned waves. However, the reality is: CONCILIVM devours everything on their way, taking the best of all Monsters, but crafting their terrifying music in their own blackened path. It is a pure grave suffocation and all around rotting misery. Starting from the wicked cover art, the listener will immediately be entrapped into a web of horror with no exit.

The six tracks in “The Veiled Enigma” just come, rip and move forward to the next listener. The self-titled introductory track is based on hellish riffs, evoking nightmarish visions and serves as an intro. The comes the “Dark Zenith” punch with frantic but chopping tempo, Swedish riff and deep growling vocals. Just to incorporate an amazing breakdown part with a haunting solo in the middle. “Perpetual Fire” continues what’s been started, again relying on fast and slow tempo, nightmarish riff parts and vocals. “Breaking in return” begins slowly with another haunting solo just to explode into death metal grim masquerade of black visions and bleak painful hallucinations. In the original cassette, “Ars Magna” is the last track of the album, but now for the CD version “Epistemology of Darkness” has been added, just to prologue the morbid delusional experience. It differs very slightly soundwise from the rest of the track, with more blackened occult taste. And these riffs, vocals and drums all the time…

CONCILVM’s “The Veiled Enigma” is a dark burning pyre and in the same time – a black cold Southern star. This EP easily can get into the heart of every death/blackened death fan, looking for quality releases. Yes, the Underground is the true place where you can find the gems. “The Veiled Enigma” really contains raw primordial power, morbid fascination and obscure flame. It’s an old school one, an abyssal one. 8/10 Count Vlad



8/10 To Greatness and Glory
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