2 Wolves – …Our fault

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Band: 2 Wolves
Title: …Our fault
Label: Inverse Records
Release date: 12 April 2019
Country: Finland
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording

Well well well…the Finns have done it again. Finland, the metal motherland. On the 12th of april the Finnish band 2 WOLVES released their fourth full length album “…Our Fault” and let this reviewer tell you, i was not disappointed in the least. Don’t be fooled however, even if it states there are only two wolves, there are in fact five of them and together they are howling hard at the hungered metalheads waiting for new releases!

The introduction track, “Unwritten names”, not only lures the listener in making him long for more, but by the end you are completely locked. When you hear such 1996-Jester Race-era In Flames-inspired music you just can’t let it go so easy. The vocals range from deep Peter Steele type to growls a la Johan Hegg. Brilliant opener, just brilliant.

“Of Storm and Stars” has its very own style as well. The guitar riffs and drumming braid so well together in heavyness with a distinct low-down effect on the vocals which isn’t heard too often but the beauty of it all is how effortless it sounds, its very much as if this comes naturally to the members who work fluently together to create greatness as more vocals are added along with soft piano notes.

With strong Amon Amarth inspiration, “Dreaming Beneath” takes off hard after a soft start and the strong guitar keeps shining through in its own awesome kick-ass way and the soundscape of the chorus is very well spread. The very same can be said about “Departures and Arrivals” which works with very powerful vocals that goes from soft to harsh so smoothly that you never really realize that the song is going in a different direction, and again the guitar riffs are stealing the show.

“Tuhat Kertaa”, translating into Thousand Times”, has a heavier symphonic element than the other tracks which goes extremely well with the ever shining guitar riffs. Being in the Finnish language, it is a tongue twister to just listen to but the wibe is that Till Lindemann has entered the house.

Finally we have “The Fault is Ours”. A diverse song with fast and slow parts, the piano is present again and the growling vocals flow well with the guitar once again. This song sticks the shovel into the ground to bury the floored reviewer at this end.  What also needs to happen is for that very shovel to dig a well deserved foundation for 2 WOLVES to become a sure act on the metal landscape.

Work such as this is what this reviewer expects from bigger bands. The way they sound makes it clear they have inspiration from many iconic bands in the genre of gothic doom/melodic death metal, and yet they manage to make the sound their own. Seems as if the students have become the masters and what these guys are at fault for, is magnificent work. Shame on you for making such a good album! 10/10 Julia


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