Exclusive Stream: Snake Tongue – No Escape – No Excuse EP

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With a spitting out anger and f**k you attitude, here comes Snake Tongue and their upcoming, brand new EP “No Escape – No Excuse”. We are ”at fault like all the rest.” The music and lyrics are dark, dirty like the society and uncompromisingly angry. Combining elements from mad agnostic breeding hate, grind, death’n’roll, crust and punk, Linköping Sweden’s Snake Tong are brutally honest and honestly brutal – it is all for an absolutely corrupted beat in a dystopian slumber…

The band states: “…Snake Tongue never liked rules and Snake Tongue don’t care.  There are no rules and music should be creative.  Music should touch feelings and stimulate new thoughts, and music should be challenging.”

“No Escape – No Excuse” 7″ comes and goes rapidly as strong reality punch in the face. Four short but sincere tracks as per the requirements of the genre. So let’s give them a blast, a day before their official release. …And derail from the rules for the sake of our own survival!

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