Onward Into Battle*

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Dear Friends,

No rest for the wicked, so we at Blessed Altar Zine HQ are in full operating mode in the first hours of the new year. It’s the dawn of an exciting journey for our team to the deeper undergrounds, in order to give as much as possible from the hellish darkness there. We prepared well, trained extensively, gathered strong team and outlined the strategy to go deeper into the burning core of the mines of Hell – in order to deliver to you every great non-popular release and band, every detail from the vast lands of the Dark, which is worthy checking and paying attention to. There are a lot of exciting new things coming here, a lot of great music and bands to be covered, variety of publications and information. We don’t do resolutions; we have already pledged oaths and sworn our swords into the eternal fire; we devoted our souls to this battle. We won’t let you down.

2018 was super exciting for Blessed Altar Zine and the team. We grew a lot, we learnt a lot, we cried, we smiled. All we did came from our hearts – with pure passion and devotion, without wishing anything in return. Now, in 2019 we continue our crusade for supporting the Underground – stronger, wiser, passionate. “We never stop, we never quit…”. “Pain is only temporary, Victory is forever”.

However without you – our readers, our partners, our friends – our family, this eternal fight for the beloved music is not possible. That’s why we would like to say THANK YOU for being with us, reading us, for supporting us with your feedback, for riding together with us in this ride for glory. Most of all, we would like to thank you for supporting the Underground and the bands.

We would like to wish ALL of you a healthy, passionate and very successful 2019! Keep supporting the Underground! Stay HEAVY!

Onward into
Time is growing
So dark around me
Shallow one
I burn us out
Day by idle day*

Truly Yours,
The Blessed Altar Zine Team

*Taken from Katatonia’s “Onward Into Battle”
**Please support the underground! It’s vital to the future of our genre.