Scythian Fate – Exclusive Premiere: Single Teaser Video

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“Echoes of the Pharisee” is Scythian Fate’s first single from their upcoming album, “Matrimony in Madness”. The new album is darker and more intense, yet retaining the signature Scythian Fate sound. It also features new frontman Toby Heal who bolsters the sound with his menacing vocals.

This clip is a teaser that features a snippet of the tune without the vocals yet. This tune is dedicated to the memory of Chuck Schuldiner who is a longstanding influence and inspiration. The song’s main theme centers around mind control and conformity through religious doctrines; using the biblical allegory of the lawmaking Pharisees.

The clip was created by Sandra Pokorney and features the artwork of Scythian Fate resident artist Ed Sleiman; all of which form a segment of the “Matrimony in Madness” cover art. The single drops on 20th December and will be available on the band’s Bandcamp link. 

Till then check the Blessed Altar Zine YouTube channel for the Teaser.

– Interesting themes centered around mind control and religious doctrines! Please expand your idea around the echoes and the pharisees. What’s behind all this allegory? 
TOM: The thinking pivots around Nietzsche’s notion that speech and creativity are the differentiating factors between man and beast. My philosophy behind the lyrics is the power of laws and dogmas used by authority to shape and mould our thoughts from infancy; whether it be religion, superstition or morality. These are the factors that are essentially used to dominate us. 

– Why did you decide to pay tribute to Chuck? How much are you influenced by his work? 
TOM: All of us in Fate have various Metal influences. For me, The “Leprosy” album absolutely blew me away on first listen!! Chuck’s been a massive influence to me. He went far beyond the conventional boundaries and never lost his creativity to achieve something different. Not only was he the Godfather of death metal but a gentleman and visionary. His riff writing is very intelligent and incredibly inspirational. His legacy lives in all head bangers!RIP brother. 

– What will the Lyrics & the songs be about?
TOBY: As a band, we are very much influenced by history and by the social climate in today’s world.  As a result, there are songs that take you on a journey into the past.  We’ve really focused on the emotions and depth of feeling people had during certain events.  Other songs really express our anger, and at times disdain for some of the attitudes and actions of people today.  There’s a lot of mistakes from the past that we as humans haven’t learned from and this has lit a fire in us creatively. Metal is probably the best genre of music for emotional expression and we really wanted to bring that sense of rage to our fans.  All in all, there are several pathways that this album will take the listener on, a true descent into the depths of madness!

– What will the vocals be like, style/direction etc?
TOBY: As the new vocalist, there is a really raw and aggressive feel that I bring to this new album; Harsh vocals for the most part with a few melodies thrown in to give the songs a necessary twist. The main aim is for my vocals to help the fans feel the energy of the songs; be they sinister, angry or simply telling a tale.  I’m very excited to be recording my first album with the band and my vocal style works well with the heavier sound we will be showcasing which is very different from what you have heard on our previous EP.

– Will the rest of the songs on the album be similar in style to this one or we can expect twists and turns? 
NINO: You can expect many twists and turns but at the same time similarities. Every track on the new album will have its own identity but still have our signature sound. We go out of our way to make every song sound different from the other. It’s the way Tom and I work, and it’s also to keep the music as fresh and vibrant as possible for our fans and listeners. I don’t want to give away much right now, but I’m sure all our fans will not be disappointed with what’s coming. I will also add finally that Toby’s vocals also give our songs and sound a different dimension.

– What’s the inspiration for the video? What do you want to tell us? Why “Matrimony in madness”?
The promo video was created around some of the images painted by our resident artist Ed Sleiman which will form our Matrimony In Madness album cover. It’s inspired by the new album title “Matrimony In Madness”. The themes are essentially based on the lunacy of our society and the undercurrent that binds it all together. The video is essentially a teaser for what we have installed for the rest of the album. And the single “Echoes Of the Pharisee” is a good example of the more mature and developed sounding Scythian Fate whilst retaining our signature sound. We would also like to thank Sandra Pokorney from C’mon Dude Productions for putting the video together.

Interview by The Key Keeper and Count Vlad


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