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Kremlin are a three-piece band from Quebec, Canada that play an interesting form of old school influenced Death Metal but they definitely have a different presentation then most. Where lots of death metal bands on average tend to sing and write about horror, murder, gore or related topic matters, this conspiracy inspired trio put a lot into question with topics of life, reality, the worldly powers that be and who truly governs this planet. As a matter of fact, they are blunt and to the point and don’t hold back on what they have to say either. After getting in touch with Fred from Kremlin, the band agreed to do an interview for Blessed Altar Zine.

– Hi Fred and Kremlin! Thank you for sharing your time with us at Blessed Altar Zine! We are pleased to have the opportunity to interview you guys! Well first off, what inspired the creation of Kremlin as a band?
– Well, we were in War Command together and we still wanted to do music together so we formed Kremlin.

– What does the name Kremlin mean for you guys as a band and why did you choose this name?
– Kremlin means Fortress. Kremlin for us means a Metal nation within walls against the Elites who runs us!!

– With Kremlin’s topic matter in relation to the lyrics, do you feel these types of subjects are what people need to hear about and perhaps make them more aware in life?
– Yeah!! They need to know that they’re being Fucked over every day by life, news, politicians & all the lies going on!!

– How has your debut album – Decimation of the Elites – been doing since its release?
– Well, I guess since we don’t have any news from our label but we do get good comments from everyone who discovers us!!

– Besides a cassette and CD release of this album, will there be a vinyl edition as well?
– I wish but no one has step up to the plate!! No offer for now!

– Musically, do all the members of Kremlin contribute to the song writing or lyrics or do you have a main writer in the band for this?
– Yeah, all the music is made by Neutron Cannon & myself. The lyrics though are made by Neutron Cannon.

What are the future plans for Kremlin?
– We’re working on a 2nd Album for now hopefully a tour in Europe if were invited!!

– Seeing you are a part of a few different Quebec metal bands like Kaotik & Outre-Tombe, you must be really busy! How do you manage between the different bands for shows, practice, and recordings?
– I was in 5 bands for a while but I kind of managed it, so now that Kaotik is no more I left some other bands and I’ve got 3 bands now, so its manageable.

– Since there are many types of metal styles out there in this day and age, do you have a favourite genre of metal and do you have a preferred time era for metal bands and their releases?
– Well, I always been a big fan of old school death metal bands like Autopsy, Bolt throwerand Entombed. My favorite era in this kind of metal is the early 90’s for sure!

– Well, Blessed Altar Zine thanks you for the interview and sharing your time with us! We do hope to hear more from Kremlin in the future as well! Would you like to share any final words or thoughts about Kremlin to the world?
– Continue to support the metal scene from all over the world! And also take a look in our scene! Many good bands deserve attention like: Atroce, Saccage, Outre Tombe, Trépas, Oath div.666, Paladin, Torturer, Morgue, Hellborn. Check them out! AND WAKE THE FUCK UP!!!

 Interview by Eldritch of Death


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