Anomalie – Integra EP

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Band: Anomalie
Title: Integra EP
Label: Art of Propaganda
Release Date: 10 November 2018
Country: Austria
Format reviewed: High Quality Digital Promo

Multitalented Christian “Marrok” Brauch released new Anomalie material this November. Well-known also with his live appearances with the awesome Harakiri For The Sky, Marrok has always delivered excellent and very enjoyable (post) black metal, related to life, dreams, emotions. Material soaked with very true emotions – from deep despair to frantic picks. The eternal struggle of tortured human soul gave birth to three full lengths so far from 2014 to 2017. While “Between the Light” has been the first rawer attempt into creativity of passion, “Refugium” stood in the middle between the old authencity and the excellency of “Visions” – the very emotional and touching record from 2017.

Released on 10 November, “Integra” is just a four tracks EP with total running time of almost 28 minutes. It “opens the gates to a profound musical voyage telling of metaphysical reincarnation and ways to manifest your very own identity beyond social and cultural barriers”. Well my personal translation of this statement is that “Integra” is much more black metal than its predecessors, much more Anomalie it self, without having those touch points with the brothers of Harakiri for the Sky. The four tracks are intense, distinctive, living own life, and yet still consisting of those catchy tremolos, yet dark and cold. The post- breath has somehow gone and transformed into purer atmospheric black, as it was written of a band up from the very North. Obviously Marrok, with the help of the drummer Lukas, decided to clearly reveal his connections with the roots of the style, escaping all that trending and posing of some of the so called post-black leaders in the genre. (not going to name them here).

“The pulse of darkness” really resonates from those four tracks. It is a creation through destruction, “speaking with the tongue of truth”. The lyrical themes occupying Marrok for this EP are deep existential and transcending into philosophical dimensions. Both music and lines fits perfectly, making a profound whole.

“Integra” will not like to those used to post black metal, but it will grow to those who dare to dive bravely into heaviness and the mystic of the black roots. It is atmospheric black metal ffs. Also, I guess the EP is another step, another transition, in the development of the band and Marrok’s constant evolving and seeking nature. I recommend to listen to “Integra” at least several times before you do your judgement. Don’t rush, good things don’t come easy. You will discover a lot. For sure next Anomalie record will be very interesting. For now, just enjoy “Integra”, but don’t forget about “Visions” for instance. Anomalie is a truly interesting project, with own path.  7.5/10 Count Vlad


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