Blackrat – Dread Reverence

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Band: Blackrat
Title: Dread Reverence
Country: Canada
Label: Shadow Kingdom records
Release date: 23 November 18
Format reviewed: Digital Mp3

Blackrat from Canada. When I got the promo I thought “I want to review this”.
So, I already knew the band and the sound they do cause I have the album “Hail to Hades” from 2016.

And what do we have here…
A mix of Black Speed Thrash Heavy Crust Metal. Sounds strange? Yes… 
But it’s what it sounds. The Black and Thrash feeling is on the vocals. The Black Thrash Speed Heavy on the guitars. The Crust feeling on the drums. All together, they do this very good album. Or should I say, They play MetalPunk? I think it’s better…

Stu Loughlin (Bass, Vocals) and Ian Lemke (Guitars and Vocals) they do a good job with the way they sing and the mix of the riffs that can remind you a lot of music style is very well done and achieved.
Russell Shanahan (Drums) gives the Crust feeling on the songs and it fits like a glove.

The album starts with a kind of intro that I thought “What is this?” it’s not strange but I never thought that will start this way. “Into the Ebony” the first song starts with a phantasmagoric feeling and with a riff that reminds me a lot the old Black Thrash mix. Very good. 

“Lust to burn” the second song, starts with a riff that reminds me, and it can be in many many many bands of old school Heavy Metal bands, and it starts very well because its made by these power trio… And after that, more good riffs, sick vocals, and the crust drums fit once more like a glove.

“Thrall to the Gallows” its starts very simple in the riffs and direct at the same time, strange comparing with all listened till now. But it’s sick, it’s good at the same time.

“Coffin Rock” another song that starts with a killer riff. This time reminding more the Speed Metal till the voice appears and after that… More killers riffs reminding me a bit of everything. Always with a killer voice and the simple but effective crust drums feeling completing the songs.

I could talk a few more about the rest of the songs in this album since it’s only missing 4 songs for the album ends, but I will not. The reason? You need to listen. More info about this album doesn’t have many solos but when they appear they are in the correct place, not magic, but effective and well done.

In resume… If you expect virtuosity, amazing solos, riffs with many musical notes, etc… No, you will not get that on here. Here… You will get just simple, well-done music in the old way.

Blackrat is a band that I would like watching live and see if the sound they do would result live. Because on CD they sound great. Maybe one day I will have the pleasure to see them. 8/10 TheKeyKeeper




8/10 To Greatness and glory!
**Please support the underground! It’s vital to the future of our genre.

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