Ævangelist – Matricide in The Temple of Omega

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Band: Ævangelist
Title: Matricide in The Temple of Omega
Country: USA / Finland
Label: I, Voidhanger Records
Release date: 16.11.18
Format reviewed: Digital Mp3

Ævangelist is back with a new album of their brand of Avant Garde Death Black Metal. Their fifth full length album I believe, and once again it is a challenging album they are releasing into the world of Metal music. Avant Garde, sinister, bleak, atmospheric metal is perhaps the hardest task to put on a record and make it shine. Founded in 2010 and the core duo is still Ascaris & Matron Thorn, they seem to be very comfortable and boosting a great deal of self-confidence, creating a very dark and scary atmosphere. It is by no means easy listening, as a listener one is challenged to get into the mood of the album. Descriptions as scary soundtracks to horror movies has been used about Ævangelist earlier, but I think that is selling it short, you don`t need a movie to get chills down your spine, this album does just that without any pictures (besides the ones you get in your head). Instrumentation is not revealed in the press statement, but on earlier offerings I know they have been known to not limit themselves and using both cello and saxophone along more common instruments. It is at times a sonic assault on your senses, going way into the noise-genre, like in the 3rd track, Omen of the Barren Womb, 13 minutes of beautiful madness…

With the exception of the first track (a one-minute intro) the songs are predominantly long, 5 tracks taking their total of beyond 60 minutes. The most accessible track might be Æon Death Knell, 10 minutes of grim vocals and great diverse BM riffing. Ævangelist is not searching for new fans or broadening their appeal, either you like this band and maybe have for quite some time, hence are into it. Or the exact opposite, don’t like it all. Depending on one’s personal taste as all reviews ultimately is, this is a journey through a sinister dark distorted landscape where the beauty of it reveals itself only if you can put yourself in the fitting state of mind for appreciation this album. Though I am kind of repeating myself here, I’m in awe of how Ævangelist has created a piece of art that speaks in volumes to me. Enjoying in full, repeated several times, my final score is clear, this is not for everyone, but it sure is for me. 9/10 Harald




9/10 Epic Storm
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