Cult Of Self Destruction – Exitium

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Band: Cult Of Self Destruction
Title: Exitium
Label: Base Record Production/War Productions
Release Date: 22 October 2018
Country: Spain
Format reviewed: High Quality Digital Promo

War Productions catalogue is really interesting when it comes to quality underground bands.  There certainly can be found gems to enjoy. That’s why I was intrigued to listen to the label’s newest release – the Spanish black metal duo-band Cult of Self Destruction with their album “Exitium”.

Now, first of all the name of the band suggests some either apocalyptic harsh raw black metal, or really dark, depressive suicidal black metal with tearing through vocals, screaming for salvation. The coverart of the album also is begging for this. Neither of both really happened when I played the record. M – vocals, keys and drums, and P – guitars, bass, keys, offer us a brave black metal debut, exploring various ideas. In reality the black metal ferocity is well combined with distinctive progressive parts, some doomy melancholy and solitude. Each of the nine songs gives us its own atmosphere and complexity in the composition.Still the depression and the darkness prevails of course, however there is clear idea behind. Soundwise the album is more “open”, progressive, atmospheric, not that dense, despite of the prevailing black nature of the band, searching for despair. Actually the albums is not desperate at all, but provides solid intention to stand out of the flock.

While “Descending to The Deepest Abyss” is depressive dark black metal track, the “Misanthropic condition” suggest mix of black, symphonic black and prog parts. Both reminded me more to the Human Serpent, and maybe some Uada. “Moon of Saturn” is slower, torturous atmospheric black metal track with twists and turns in tempo.  “Sui Cædere” is clearly great progressive black metal track with open chords, tremolos and so much going on inside on the solitude side…”We Will Be Wolves” is even more progressive black metal track, as  it contained parts written by likes of Rivers of Nihil for example. “Until The Dying” is with grim and evil pulsating heart, containing again those open, high chords and tremolos. “The Curse of the Witch” contains so clearly devastating solo tremolo and rhythm change, with melodic breakdown and atmosphere.  

Once again, I must admit my surpise. In a positive way. Cult of Self Destruction deliver very good album, which may like to the more open black metal fans, those who are looking to find something more different, out of the box. I really liked that mix with more progressive parts and sound, but still keeping the dark and despite direction. Please give it more than just a couple of listens. You may discover much more behind. Cult of Self Destruction show excellent potential. I’ll be looking forward to the band’s next steps. 7.5/10 Count Vlad


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