Temtris- Rapture

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Band: Temtris
Title: Rapture
Label: Battlegod Productions
Release Date: 2 November 2018
Country: Australia
Format reviewed: Digital

Being a huge fan of iconic Aussie thrash band Mortal Sin, I was originally drawn to Temtris, a few years ago, based on the fact that two ex-Mortals were in the band; Wayne Campbell (drums) and Anthony Hoffman (guitar). The curiosity grew to a real appreciation of this local metal band. Temtris is a Sydney band formed in 2000 and recently went through a number of lineup changes, including the exit of Wayne Campbell, replaced by Youhan AD. The current outfit is sounding really polished and kicking serious arse with the new release “Rapture”. The axe attack duo of Anthony “Fox” Roberts and Anthony Hoffman is very seasoned and sharp, whilst bassist Nick Wilks adds a nice groove. This is the fifth album in the band’s arsenal and a very impressive release it is! Whilst it has a very strong power metal feel, it traverses across the thrash metal realm as well with killer tracks like “Parasite”. Overall this is an excellent heavy metal album and there is a potent, renewed energy which generates a real sting. The production is crisp and well balanced without over compensation. Lead singer Genevieve Rodda delivers an absolutely outstanding performance with her classic metal approach.

Listening to the opening instrumental track “Rapture”, gives the impression of a curtain drawing across a dark stage, to reveal a misty scene in an epic metal drama that is ready to unfold. This leads straight into a real power metal thumper, “flames of defiance” which has some serious drumming and dual guitar attack. Each song stands on its own with enough variation to keep the listener engaged over the 10 tracks. The video single is “Run” which has a real hook and juxtaposes some of the darker tracks off “Rapture”.

Tony Iommi once cited the importance of light and shade in metal music and this album certainly covers all elements; acoustic intros, dueling guitar solos, varied tempos and that thunderous beat from skin man Youhan AD. Above all, Genevieve’s voice cuts effortlessly through the big sound generated. For me, there are no negatives on this album and I commend Temtris for keeping the album interesting throughout. Predominately old school metal that melds modern metal influences as well. In a current landscape of blast beats and over saturation, it’s refreshing to hear an old school album like this and adds to the current stream of new releases on the Aussie scene. Horns up and stay metal. A very solid album. 9/10 Kotso



Anthony “Fox” Roberts – Guitar
Anthony Hoffman – Guitar, Backing vocals
Genevieve Rodda – Vocals
Nick Wilks – Bass
Youhan AD – Drums


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9/10 Epic Storm
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