Witchgöat – Umbra Regil (demo)

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Band: Witchgöat
Title: Umbra Regil
Label: Morbid Skull Records
Release date: 31 July 2018
Country: El Salvador
Format reviewed: mp3 (320kbps) promo

WITCHGÖAT’s demo is another great example of the already risen wave for quality blackened thrash. Hailing from El Salvador, the quartet has been formed in 2016, and finally shaped in 2017. The main idea of the band has been to follow the 80’s European and Latin thrash metal benchmarks and to take up on the melodies from the 90’s black death metal.

“Umbra Regil” contains three tracks – two songs and one short guitar instrumental for just 10 minutes total running time. The band really have taken the best of their teachers of the old school, but also having their own say here. “Emanations from the Underworld” and “Proliferation of the Dark Souls” are blasting, furious; it takes just a breath to its end. Also I really liked that typical melodic ultra fast riffs (by Saldadorean guitar veteran P.Scyfer), punching bass (C.Fog), combined with frantic thrash drumming (E.Driller). The vocals of naturally are barking, vomitizing, angry with that old school echo in them (thanks to the vocalist M.Miasma). The songs abound of great guitar solos and changing of overall tempo, which makes the demo very enjoyable. On top we have that nostalgic feeling… “Towards the Gulgalta” is less than two minutes dark melodic acoustic instrumental with tiny latin flavours here and there.

With that said, the demo finishes. I definitely wanted it to have at least one more full of hate and speed song. I hope that the demo is prelude to the band’s full-length album, which to be released very soon. Witchgöat show very good potential to join the front lines of that mentioned blackened thrash wave. Many names can be mentioned here, but I guess everybody has his own list. Latin America is especially solid when it comes to thrash and benchmarking. Until Witchgöat’s first record is out, we can enjoy with full force the “Umbra Regil” demo along with the other new monsters in the genre. These are excellent 10 minutes of aggression, so my score will be untypical for a demo.  8/10 Count Vlad

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8/10 To Greatness and Glory
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