Gourmand – Blossoming from the Grave

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Band: Gourmand
Title: Blossoming from the Grave
Label: Independent
Release date: 17 August 2018
Country: USA
Format reviewed: High Quality Digital Promo

Well… What can I tell concerning this band?

They released the first album in 2017 and “Blossoming from the Grave” is the second album. They are from Kansas City, Missouri, USA and they play Technical Death Metal. The members of the band played in a few bands or still play in other bands, so they are not “new” in the underground. Before starting to write about the album, a little curiosity concerning the band’s name.

1. A lover of good food.
2. A person who often eats too much

But let me start writing about the music.
As I wrote above, they play Technical Death Metal, so when I read the text that came from the PR, I was a little reluctant with this promo, since I’m not a big fan of this music style, but I decided to give it a chance…
Well, I already heard bands who are much more Technical than this band named Gourmand.

The album starts very well. A good riff indeed, by foot starts to follow the music, the vocals are strong (sometimes shouted) like is supposed to be and a good voice tone, good drum breaks, good rhythmic riffs.
Well, the album is going to be a good hearing I thought…

The second song…
Very brutal, with some Thrash Metal riffs here and there, fast riffs and quite good I must say, good leads.
I thought, “This album till now is not boring”.

Song after song I was having a good hearing, sometimes I heard another instrument in the songs “This looks a Cello, but it is?” Yes, it was. It gives some “weight” into the songs, it ends up “filling” the songs and its different, well at least for me. Positive point in my opinion.

Sometimes I heard some riffs or some parts in the songs that reminds me some other bands, of course, that is inevitable for a band when they are doing music, it’s not copy+paste music here, only influences. I could mention a few but I will not. Listen to the band and see which bands remind you.

A positive aspect, in my opinion, is that Gourmand is trying to create something different inside the Technical Death Metal style, at least it looks to me that is what they are trying to do, the cello it was already proof of that, the construction of the songs, the breaks in the same and the way they did was another proof of that, but…

Why there is always a but???

Well, the “But” here in this album (for me) it´s missing more “brutality”, more “aggressiveness”  and more “weight” in the songs, something that I can say “This is brutal”, I know that the band is Technical Death Metal not Brutal Death Metal, but this is my opinion and the feeling that I had when I just heard this album and went several times.
I’m not saying this in a degenerate way, because the songs are good.

I’m just giving my opinion about what I felt after the times I heard this album.
On the end it was positive, I admit. Also different. I found good details and I can also say, that when the band releases another album I want to hear it.

This the end of the review and I must say this. I didn’t like so much the way it is sung and how it is into the song, the female voice in the song “Siren’s Song”, maybe with a voice’s game between the vocalist and the guest vocalist could sound better. But it is a good voice by the way.
7.5 The Key Keeper



7.5/10 Victory is possible
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