Matterhorn – Crass Cleansing

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Band: Matterhorn
Title: Crass Cleansing
Country: Switzerland
Label: Iron Bonehead Productions
Release date: 25 June 18
Format reviewed: Digital Mp3

Matterhorn is an extreme metal band for Switzerland formed 2012. The formation did apparently not result in any recording output for quite some time. This is to my knowledge their first offering. Matterhorn independently recorded and published “Crass Cleansing” digitally through Bandcamp in March this year. Iron Bonehead Productions picked it up and released it on CD in June (a vinyl version is also available). Being extreme metal and from Switzerland, who will they be compared to? Of course, the different expressions/ artistic outlets from the Legendary Thomas Gabriel Fischer (or Tom G. Warrior); Hellhammer, Celtic Frost, and Triptykon. Is there any merit to comparing to the legends? Yes, there clearly is. These guys have been heavily inspired from their famous countrymen. In fact, so much that after my first rotation of “Crass Cleansing”, my initial thought was total Hellhammer rip off. Was I not paying enough attention? Me being one of Warrior`s biggest fans, I
could not let this album pass me by without a real listen.

The album starts with a not too interesting intro track. The albums really kick off with the song Violent Success, a furious track, great vocals, ripping guitars and audible bass line.

Noch Nicht Nichts is another good one in the wains of Celtic Frost.

Teenage Emperor equals Dethroned Emperor (Celtic Frost classic), this is where Matterhorn comes too close for their own good. A great song for sure, but in my book far too similar.

I could go on with the different tracks but seems almost a waste of time to do it. I am hearing far too much Celtic Frost/ Hellhammer in this. The search of what Celtic Frost/ Hellhammer this and that song reminds me of is getting myself bored.

So, if we for a different perspective pretends Hellhammer and Celtic Frost never existed, this album is a whole different story. It is a furious old school album with great songs, perfect production for this kind of metal. I have been spinning this in my car for about a week now, and I love it. It gives me the feeling of an album from way back that I missed out on initially, and to discover it today is amazing. If this was indeed a cult album who never reached me it would be a 9/10. Playing the devil`s advocate, pointing out the obvious influences, maybe 6/10 would be accurate?

All things aside I love this, this trio of power has really made a great album… 8/10 Harald



8/10 To Greatness and Glory
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