Coffinrot – Retribution Divine

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Band: Coffinrot
Title: Retribution Divine
Country: USA
Label: Independent
Release date: 21 July 2018
Format reviewed: High Quality Digital Promo

I have a soft spot for the quality American death metal (who doesn’t?!). I have witnessed the rise and the fall of the genre. When I began digging deep into the heavy music, the American and Swedish bands were just entering into a silent battle who will release better album, which scene is the dominant one, shaping the death metal genre and leaving a benchmark for generations ahead. Forever.

There has been a transitory period in the late 80s where the brutality of the American thrash bands transformed into a heavier, choping and even more brutal flow into that music. Think of bands like Demolition Hammer, Devastation, Exhorder and Sadus. Now top a lot of early Malevolent Creation absolute crushing albums and death metal perfection.

There you go. Now you have a direction or you know what to expect from Minnesota’s Coffinrot. You may add Cancer, and tiny nuances of Sodom’s Taping the vein heaviness as well as Krabathor. BUT I don’t think all these comparisons are needed. Why?

Coffinrot deliver super intensive, greatly performed, classy American death metal. They do it as it must be done, according to the cannons of this great genre. Nevertheless, they are young band and this is their very first record. With total running time of 36 minutes, “Retribution Divine” contains 8 brutal tracks in the very best traditions. Chopping, blasting, devastating. Of course double style vocals are presented, the double bass beats, and absolutely solid death metal riffs, some mesmerizing solos, and melodic patters. “Retribution Divine” is just a great gem for my old death metal ears. Simply because most lately there are to many variations and mixtures with doom, black, progressive, technical etc, escaping the roots. On top a lot of core influences might be spotted too on the current scene. However, Coffinrot are doing it right.

I must admit that the album grows through the entire play through, revealing even more solid performance with every song. The opener just hints what’s about. With every song, the band seems more solid, demonstrating excellent skills and composition material. The mixture and the sound are also just for my taste.

To wrap it up, “Retribution Divine” includes everything you could ask for from a death metal album with a nostalgia breath. Changes if tempo, slower chopping tracks, thrashier parts and the pure death metal blasts. You will say it is another mixture? Just go and try “Divine Retribution” and I’m sure you will play it on repeat several times. This is mandatory album for all death metal heads out there.

Bravo, guys! 8/10 Count Vlad


8/10 To Greatness and Glory
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