Malauriu – Morte

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Band: Malauriu
Title: Morte
Country: Italy
Label: Southern Hell Records
Release date: 21 May 2018
Format reviewed: Digital Mp3

Malauriu is a Black metal band from Sicily, Italy founded in 2013. They have participated numerous split releases and compilations in their relatively short existence. A band with a serious approach to the genre, personally I am not familiar with their earlier offerings. Some releases you just happen to come across, and how sweet it is to find some gold…

This 5 track ep starts off with a intro track to get the listener into the mood of some serious Black Metal. It closes with an outro track much in the same way. Though I understand the choice to create an atmosphere, black metal is about atmosphere! With an ep ticking in at 19 minutes, it seems a bit out of place.

The first real track, Vortex of supremacy, is a kick of a tune. Full blast ahead, raw vocals and old school guitars. The drumming is fast and intricate.

Revenge of the shadows is up next. Sets of in slower pace, drums all over the place (in a good way). More of an epic song, if brutal BM can be described as epic. This song has many variations and grooves big time.

The last real song is Behold the Damnation, here Malauriu is back to a full assault again. Great vocals and drums, classic BM guitars. What`s not to like? With this ep Malauriu is proving that they have their own take on BM, though firmly planted in the early 90`s, they show creativity and technical ability to bring something new to the table. If I could change anything I would have skipped the intro (and outro), and given it a fourth real track.

All in all, 19 minutes well spent: 8/10 Harald




8/10 To Greatness and Glory
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