Abythic “Beneath Ancient Portals

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Band: Abythic
Title: Beneath Ancient Portals
Label: Blood Harvest
Release Date: 11 May 2018
Country: Germany
Format reviewed: Digital CD quality

“Beneath Ancient Portals” is Abythic’s debut full-length release which contains eight tracks and goes a little over forty minutes in its entirety. Although Abythic is a death metal band and fairly much influenced by the old school, there are at times, quite the hints of doom here too. This can be heard on and off throughout the tracks, especially in the first track, “Prelude to Obscurity”, which comes across as a bit of an intro style track as well and without any vocals present either, and in the track, “T.H.O.N.” and also in the track “Depths of Oblivion” too. In these moments the listener is cast into a world of slow, heavy, sustaining, sorrowful riffs which can be accompanied by dark harmonies and sometimes eerie solos as well. The sound here reminds me a bit of the likes of Desecresy and their style of a doomy death metal that they are known for. This combination of death and doom that Abythic does, works well together while the vocals remain guttural and brutal throughout despite the pace being either slow, mid-pace or fast. The more faster tracks on this full-length are Purulent Phantasm and the track “Afterwards Behind Beyond”, which presents the more aggressive attack of old school death metal styles, that is also part of this release by Abythic. Not having heard this band before, until now, has made me take a further interest and shows how variations of styles can complement each other. What you have here, is raw, heavy, doomy death metal of the old school flavour taking you down a road of obscurities and dread. Abythic “Beneath Ancient Portals”, is an example of underground death metal with a unique blend and worthy of your attention! 9/10 Wolven Deadsoul  




9/10 Epic Storm


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