Taphos – Come Ethereal Somberness

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Band: Taphos
Title: Come Ethereal Somberness
Label: Blood Harvest Records
Release Date: 8 June 2018
Country: Denmark
Format Reviewed: High Quality Digital Promo

If we talk about pure Death Metal assault, uncompromising, aggressive, with a great sense of rottenness and a great old school aura, then we can not ignore Taphos, a Danish quartet ready to shake off the drowsiness of the world’s most cavernous Death scene.

“Come Ethereal Somberness” is an album that shouts to the four winds its passion and devotion to the foundations of the best Death Metal of the late 80’s, although trying to define the style can become a somewhat complicated task. You could say that the strength of the combo lies in the ability to amalgamate different influences of the past, passing them through a modern prism (in terms of sound quality) that leads to a vicious and frenetic concatenation of Death Metal very well made, simple and terribly addictive.

Of course, the greatness of a band like Taphos lies in the distinctive grace that they apply to their compositions, which places them in a position of substantial privilege, unlike the multitude of acts that only remain in an attempt of homage that, unintentionally, they do not stop having a certain aftertaste to a simple carbon copy of past glories, like Gruesome, for example.

Taphos is responsible for redefining the teachings of legends such as Sadistic Intent, with some obscurity à la Incantation, Autopsy’s own maniacal obsession and a tendency, in a lower percentage, for certain Blackened Death characteristics, which are so fashionable today.

The attack is fierce, with excellent riffs and fast tempos. Many millimetre-calculated blasts and tremolo techniques, in the most intense parts, stand out in structures made directly to create internal traumas in cervical areas.

The machine stops its march, at times, to delight us and give us a break with small acoustic interludes, although they are not very durable and, before we know it, we are quickly submerged again in a frenzied whirlwind of endless assault riffs. The formula works perfectly.

“Come Ethereal Somberness” is an absolute pleasure of pure classic Death Metal, totally punishing and very easy to assimilate and enjoy, made by a young band of which I hope to have more news in the near future. Put Taphos to 11 and break your neck!. 8.5/10 Sergio


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8.5/10 To Greatness and Glory
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