Coldawn – …in the Dawn

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Band: Coldawn
Title: …in the Dawn
Label: Flowing Downward
Release Date: 26 February 2018
Country: International (Australia and Venezuela)
Format reviewed: Digital Promo

Coldawn is an international duo band, featuring B. (Australia) on all instruments from and Ausk (Venezuela) on vocals. Started as Beyond the Dawn in 2013, both men decided to rebrand and since 2016 they adopted the current name, logo and musical performance (continuing the already taken direction with Beyond the Dawn though). It’s not the first time I write about such artists, crafting alone or by pair into that particular style. And again I would say that the lads are doing their job well.

“…in the dawn” is a 38-minutes album, very much into the post-black and shoegaze mood. Featuring a lot of piano, (quieter, sometimes almost whispering) growling vocals for the sake of painful epic melodies, weeping guitars and nice almost all the time present solo-lines, and grieving keyboard passages. With most of the time in the mid-tempo with some mid-tempo blasts, the album offers what it has to offer and it meets expectations most of the time. “My Escape” is a nice opener for the musical escape the duo offers. “The Essence” and “Only moments” offer the expected melodies and riffs. Female chants and vocals included in “La primavera no llegara esta vez” (which is more ambient, slow) and in “This-Over” (slow galloping tempo, riff, and melody). “…in the Dawn begins peacefully with its alone piano and twist into bursting breaking the dawn and suddenly ends. The record ends with “My Destiny” which already offers us what we have heard so far in the whole record, despite of its faster rhythm and clean and screaming vocals combination.

With 8 tracks full of sorrow and feelings, the album could be another soundtrack for one’s winter sunset. Atmospheric, vast and open as light and air at certain parts, the album is uplifting and inspiring. What made me impression is that all the tracks in the album end suddenly, quickly, unexpectedly, as B. didn’t want to prologue or to find a way to fade them away. Another impression: almost all the time I had the feeling the music promises and points to much into the bright future, instead of being drown into the desperation and anguish of the impossible existence.

“…in the Dawn” is a good debut album with some very nice ideas which could be further developed. It is delivered in an already crowded territory and it is very hard to achieve first line position with material which is there already. It is an album be listened as a whole, to create momentary atmosphere and to bring the thoughts, feelings, and dreams for a while, but it could be quickly replaced by the next thing in listener’s the collection. 6/10 by Count Vlad



6/10 – We may survive

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