Antichrist – Pax Moriendi

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Band: Antichrist
Title: Pax Moriendi
Label: Iron Bonehead Productions
Release Date: 9 March 2018
Country: Peru

Coming from the depths of Peru, Antichrist band was formed in 2004 but it is really active since 2012. After releasing four demos between 2014 and 2016, finally their full length debut album is here. Slow, ethereal, reverberating through the soul. Weeping. Heavy. This is Pax Moriendi. It is an excellent doom/death metal example, touching the borders of the mournful funeral kingdoms, and reminding of some of the very classics in the style. Even only by looking at the cover artwork, I instantly felt the stillness of the cold eternal marble, the grief and the past forgotten times. A reminicence of a huge tomb overgrown in oblivion, carrying the pains of one whole disappered era. Coming from eternity and continuing into eternity when we are all gone. With 5 long gloomy tracks and total running time of almost 45 minutes, Pax Moriendi reveals the sorrowful, cutting-through pain, bleeding through the heavy slow chords, melodies, atmospheric synths and really very deep guttural vocals. Predominantly it is slow melancholic late-autumn album, with few dynamic parts within the songs. With titles like Forgotten in Nameless Suffuring, In th Dark and Mournful Corner, You Will Never See Sun Light, it is most natural that Pax Moriendi is a torturous experience, a deep wound, a spiritual journey for the one to contemplate how transitional is everything, what Nothing we are in our present form of meaningless existence in this world, and how immense is the eternity. Can you feel the pain whispering in your ear? Can you feel it overtaking your heart? Pax Moriendi is an experience, an atmosphere to drown in. A contemplation. A painful funeral of a close one. …And the tears are running down your face along with the cold autumn rain.
7/10 Count Vlad



7/10 – Victory is possible

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