Split – Stormstone / Vanth

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Band: Split – Stormstone & Vanth
Title: A Prophecy to Come / Chalice of the Faithless
Label: War Productions / Vertebrae
Date: September 18th, 2017
Country: Spain

Tempos alternate from all out-blasting drums, to mid pace stomping gallops leading into slower rhythmic pieces as the drum kicks keep everything flowing together in this tale of dark misery. The fast chord strumming of 6 strings vary from total speed and aggression that rage on, then slowing down into breakdowns of catchy power chord rhythms, with melodic folk style leads that create sorrow filled moments. The wretched pain and misery of the vocals continue through out while complimenting this cryptic audio composition.
An overall, demo like sound comes across here, perhaps purposely, hinting on the older like styles of Mayhem both musically and vocally. Dirge like tones from the guitars bring out the lament, from fast speed picking riffs and harmonies, to sustaining chords and morbid leads which enhance the darkness of this beast. While varying drums beats carry out tempos of sorts, from fast blasting snare hits, to mid-paced segments, to slow up beats hammering down, while the use of both alternating single and double kick drums also occur. The main vocals capture the grimness of a demon like growl and at times go into agonizing screams that promise total suffering is happening here.
7/10 By Wolven Deadsoul
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