Svipdagr “To Torment the Men”

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Band: Svipdagr
Title: To Torment the Men
Label: War Productions
Date: August 8th, 2017
Country: Caceres, Extremadura/Barcelona/Lleida, Catalonia (Spain)

Here we have Svipdagr “To Torment the Men” which is now their second release to date. This takes us back to the prime sounds of the 2nd wave styles of black metal with melodic verses, classical elements in the guitar playing, with chord strumming and single note speed picking and use of scales. Along with the odd subtle sounds of nature sampled in here too there are also small acoustic segments within the songs that paint the picture of a doomed kingdom in misery, and with the added in throat ripping, tormenting vocals that summon all life to cease, this completes this dark age fantasy. The tempos range from very slow stagnating drum beats that help create the darkness in these moments, to the mid-paced sounds of something awakening from the depths, to the full out blast beats that sound the calls of both triumph and death being foretold. Hints in relation to the older sounds and styles of Satyricon can be heard here at times and even though this has a slight lo-fi sound to the production, all is still very audible and effective for this CD of more than 45 minutes of music. 7.5/10 By Wolven Deadsoul