Runespell (Aus) “Unhallowed Blood Oath”

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After a demo, released in May of this year, will be released in September (29th to be more correct) the album. Again to be released by the German label Iron Bonehead Productions. For the label to bet on the band again, it’s because the band has quality. And yes it is true. Very good. Or I’ll say even better. A very good Black Metal. A very good voice, the sound distilled by the guitars, the raw drums, etc. Very good. Seven musics and a 38 minutes of audition make this album (at least in my opinion) be a candidate for one of the best Black Metal albums of 2017 (I’m talking about my audition and not of your elections and votes in forums and blogs , mainstream arghhh). In the seven songs of this album, there are some very powerful riffs that made me move my head and foot to mark the tempo of the song. Music like “Oblivion Minds” or the excellent beginning (and the rest of the music too) of “Bllodlust & Vengeance”, fuck. Excellent. Of all the songs on this album, the one that even managed to be only a little superior to the other songs was “Heaven In Blood”. Excellent riff, great music. The music is elaborated in a simple way but that takes us to a state of purity, which is required in Black Metal. I do not know how to say more, how good this album is. Even the two instrumental songs present, are good and sincerely do not even feel the lack of voice in them, attention I am not saying bad things of the singer, I even say well, if you do not remember back to the text above and read again. ahahahahah. To finish this review … If you do not know, this band, or rather this one man band, has the excellent musician Nightwolf behind everything. Search yourself, who is this musician… 8.5 / 10 By Me, Myself & I

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